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Planning Board Minutes

October 5, 2015

Planning Board Members Present: Holt, Bamman, Fowler, Tadema-Wielandt, McMullen Legere (alt.), Gable-Richards (alt.)

Code Enforcement Officer Present: M. Billings

Members of the Public Present: R. Gallegos, L. Bishop

Members of the Press  None

Chair Holt called the regular monthly Planning Board meeting to order at 7:04 PM.

1. Consideration of Minutes of the September 1, 2015 meeting.

Several changes were suggested, Bamman (Fowler) moved to approve the minutes as amended. Approved by VOTE of 5-0. 

2. Code Enforcement Officer’s Report

        a. Permits Issued – report accepted

            b. Enforcement Actions (6) – report accepted

c. Conditional Permits – report accepted.           

 3. Conservation Commission – No report.

 4.  Old Business -

Thomas True, on behalf of the Marlboro Association Trust, lot 48 Map 16.

D. Bamman called and spoke with both the Maine DEP, and the Maine Municipal Association regarding the need for a Town issued permit to create a condominium on the subject property, but received no definitive answers. After further discussion, it was the sense of the Planning Board that it has no jurisdiction over this matter.

5. New Business -

a.  Pre-Application for Site Plan Review by Lewis Bishop, lot 4-5-2 Map 10.

Necessitated by a complaint to the CEO who investigated, and discovered that 3.5 to 4 Acres of the property had been cleared and “stumped” in preparation for re-seeding with grass and clover. No gravel has been brought in or taken out. Chair Holt read sub-section 6 of Section G of the Site Plan Review Ordinance, and opined that the subject proposal does not rise to the level of Site Plan Review.

P. Fowler remarked on the need for, and lack of a Maine DEP storm-water permit. After the Board discussed the proposal, it was moved by Tadema-Wielandt (Fowler) that the Board find that the action does not require a permit. The VOTE in favor was 5-0.

b.   Pre-Application for Site Plan Review by R. F. Jordan & Sons lot 29-2A Map 7. No one appeared on behalf of the Applicant. A discussion ensued during which several issues were raised. P. Fowler reminded the Board that removal of more than 40,000 square feet of material requires a Maine DEP storm-water management permit, pending which, this Board ought not act. Chair Holt made reference to Section K, paragraph 3-b, sub-sections 1 and 2, which, inter alia, forbids removal of topsoil from a site. The Applicant has commenced work on the site, and a complaint has been received. No written notice of violation has been issued by the CEO, but he advised the Applicant to file the Permit Application currently under discussion.

The Board members expressed their consensus that Lamoine has no permit available for removal of topsoil, and that the matter be remanded to the CEO. 

c. Gravel Ordinance Compliance Reports. Chair Holt reiterated to CEO Billings, his request to prior CEO Jordan that copies of all annual Gravel Pit Compliance Inspection Reports be made available to members of the Planning Board.  

6. Ordinance Development  -

The Select Board will hold a Public Hearing on their proposed new Gravel Ordinance on Thursday, October 22 at the Town Hall. 

7. Next Meetings –

            November 2, December 7, 2015, and January 4, 2016

Adjourned at 8:04 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

C. D. Tadema-Wielandt, Secretary