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Minutes - March 7, 2016 (Draft, subject to correction)

Planning Board Members Present: Holt, Bamman, Tadema-Wielandt, Legere (alt.)

Code Enforcement Officer Present: M. Billings

Members of the Public Present: R. Gallegos

Members of the Press None

Chair Holt called the regular monthly Planning Board meeting to order at 7:05 PM, and appointed D. Legere to act as a voting member.

1. Consideration of Minutes of the February 1, 2016 meeting.

Several corrections were suggested; Holt (Bamman) moved to approve the minutes as amended. Approved by VOTE of 3-0.

2. Code Enforcement Officer’s Report

        a. Permits Issued ~ Report accepted.

b. Enforcement Issues (3) ~ Report accepted.      

3. Conservation Commission ~ No report. 

 4.  Old Business ~

      a.   Permit Application revision: Tadema-Wielandt will meet and discuss with CEO Billings.

      b.  Mandatory update of Flood Plain Ordinance, is not required until July, 2016, in accordance with FEMA revision to Federal Flood Insurance Rate Maps. It was suggested that very few changes are necessary to maintain compliance.

      c.   The Board of Appeals’ proposed new Ordinance was further, briefly discussed, regarding the issue of denovo review. Whereas, the Appeals Board draft proposes that they have authority to hear all appeals denovo, it is the Planning Board’s consensus that the two existing permitting authorities, the CEO and the Planning Board are sufficient, and that the Board of Appeals with full denovo hearing authority would become a third, and ultimate permitting authority. CEO Billings stated that in the Towns of Franklin, Tremont and Southwest Harbor, appeals of CEO decisions are heard denovo, whereas appeals of Planning Board decisions are strictly administrative hearings.

5. New Business ~ Lamoine is not in compliance with the State’s new Shoreland Ordinance, but has until January 2018, to approve a revised, conforming one.

6. Other Business ~ None          

7. Future Meetings ~

 May 2, 2016, June 6, 2016 and a date in July, 2016, to be determined

Adjourned at 7:38 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

C. D. Tadema-Wielandt, Secretary