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Minutes - June 6, 2016 (Draft, subject to correction)


 Planning Board Members Present: Holt, Bamman, McMullen, Tadema-Wielandt, Legere (alt.),  Gabel-Richards (alt.)

Code Enforcement Officer Absent: R. Gallegos (newly appointed)

Members of the Public  M Bradford, S. Eaton, S. Salsbury, M. Hamilton, W. Dowling III, K Theall, D. Theall, P. Brown, G. McFarland, R. Davis, R. Fennley

Members of the Press None.

1. Public Hearing on Proposed Site Plan Review Application by Michael Bradford-    Map 6 lot 1-4. Chair Holt called the Public Hearing to order at 6:36 p.m

S. Salsbury gave a brief presentation of the plan to construct three commercial buildings (one auto detailing shop, and two self-storage buildings in the development zone of a 6.5 Acre lot. A number of Board Members attended the Site Visit at 5:00 pm on Thursday, May 12. G. McFarland and R. Fennley, a very close neighbor, spoke in favor of the project. Peter Brown, abutter on the Westerly boundary, asked about a right-of-way on the Tax Map (6) shown crossing Locus, but not shown on the proposed site plan. It was explained that it had been created by a prior owner, but has since been replaced, and abandoned. Mr. Brown also expressed concern about the possibility of water running from the impervious areas of Locus onto and across his land. S. Salsbury explained that a berm will be created between those areas shown as impervious on the Plan, and Mr. Brown’s land to direct runoff to the South. Because the ordinance requires that a commercial building be screened, the Plan shows that a fence will be constructed on three sides of the storage buildings, and in part, parallel with the Brown boundary. Business hours will be 7 am to 5 pm for the detailing shop, and no access to the storage buildings after dark. There will be motion sensor (security) lights on the storage buildings. It was suggested (Bamman) and agreed (S. Eaton) that those lights should be downward directed (cutoff) lighting.

There being no further public comment, the Public Hearing was closed at 6:55 PM.

Chair Holt then called the regular monthly Planning Board meeting to order at 6:56 PM.  

2.  Consideration of Minutes of the April 4, 2016 meeting, postponed from the May 2   meeting. Holt (Bamman) MOVED to accept the minutes with two corrections suggested by Tadema-Wielandt. Approved 5-0. Consideration of Minutes of the May 6, 2016 meeting.  Chair Holt suggested several changes, which were confirmed by others, and it was MOVED Holt (Bamman) to accept the minutes as so corrected. Approved 5-0.

3. Code Enforcement Officer’s Report -  CEO Billings has resigned, and his Assistant, R. Gallegos, has been appointed as his replacement, provided he receives state certification within one years time. M. Jordan will act as Local Plumbing Inspector until R. Gallegos receives his training and certification.

     a. Permits Issued (8+3) ~ Report accepted.

     b. Enforcement Issues (2) ~ Report accepted.

     c. Conditional Permit follow up (4) ~ Holt wants CEO to confirm that D. Gott has replaced monitoring well in the floor of the B&H Pit (M3 L6). Water test results are due by June 21. Report Accepted

4. Conservation Commission ~ No report.

 5. Old Business ~

     Review of  Site Plan Review Application for Auto Detailing shop and two Storage Unit buildings-Map 6 lot 1-4. Chair Holt expressed several concerns, among them were water flow down the parking area, and between the storage buildings, and the amount of wetland disturbance because the Detailing building is located entirely within the wetland area of the lot. Another concern expressed was the amount of impervious surface that triggers a Storm-water Management Permit. The proposed plan shows 25,000 sq. ft., the minimum required for such a permit under state law is 40,000 sq. ft. Tadema-Wielandt wondered whether the buildings could be moved back from the road, thus minimizing the visual impact. There was no expressed reason why that could not be done. Tadema-Wielandt (Bamman) moved to proceed with the review (4-0)  The Board reviewed the Application in accordance with Sec. J of the Site Plan Review Ordinance. (see attached). And APPROVED the Application (5-0) with the following conditions:

      1. The Level Spreader must be extended to the Brown property line (M6 L1-2);

      2. All exterior lighting for the storage unit buildings must be full cut-off    (downward directed) lighting.


6. New Business ~

a. Completeness Review for Commercial Building Permit Application by Michael      Bradford-Map 6 lot 1-4. In light of a memo from the MMA in response to a request  from Chair Holt regarding the total floor area of the three proposed commercial buildings, Legere (Tadema-Wielandt) MOVED to consider all buildings under one permit application. APPROVED 4-0

Mike Bradford and Stephanie Eaton propose to construct three commercial buildings (one auto detailing shop, and two self-storage buildings) in the development zone of a 6.5 Acre lot. The Board reviewed the Application for completeness, and found (5-0) that it will be Complete with the addition of front and side elevation views. A Public Hearing was scheduled for 6:30 PM immediately prior to the July 11 Meeting.

b. Preliminary Review of Commercial Building Permit Application by State of Maine, Bureau of Parks and Lands-Map 13 lot 45 for a 28’ x 48’ group camping kitchen shelter. Donated sinks and counters will be used. The structure will be 150 feet from the lot line, and 170 feet from the road. A variance will be required because of the distance between the well and septic field. The proposed structure is not in  the shoreland zone, or in a flood zone. It was concluded that a full Board site visit is not required, accordingly, D. Bamman and S. Gable-Richards were designated to visit the site on behalf of the Board.

c. Misty Way Subdivision-sale of two unapproved lots. Chair Holt will request    guidance from the MMA, and has already requested same from the Lamoine Assessors.

d. Memo to Gravel Pit Operators (attached): Chair Holt’s memo notes several pits are not in compliance with their permits, and/or the ordinance.

7. Future Meetings ~  August 1, 2016, and September 5, and October 3,2016

Adjourned at 9:18 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

C. D. Tadema-Wielandt, Secretary