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Minutes - August 22, 2016 (Draft, subject to correction)


Planning Board Members Present: Holt, Bamman, McMullen, Fowler, Tadema-Wielandt, Gabel-Richards (alt.), 

Code Enforcement Officer Present: R. Gallegos

Members of the Public  K. Hoogerhyde, P. Hoogerhyde, M. Duquette

Members of the Press  None.

Public Hearing on Subdivision Amendment Application by K. and P. Hoogerhyde-    Map 4 lots 36 and 36-15. Chair Holt called the Public Hearing to order at 7:00 p.m., gave a brief explanation of the purpose of the public hearing, and asked for public comment. M. Duquette, a neighbor, spoke in favor of the application. The Public Hearing was closed at 7:03 p.m.

Chair Holt then called the Special Planning Board meeting to order at 7:04 PM.

Tadema-Wielandt recused himself on grounds that in his opinion it is not the Planning Board’s job to “fix” errors made by others, and sets a bad prescedent. Chair Holt appointed S. Gabel-Richards to vote on this application. The Board reviewed the Application in accordance with the Review Criteria set forth in Section 12 of the Building and Land Use Ordinance, and thereafter, it was MOVED by P. Fowler (Gabel-Richards) that the Application be approved, effectively merging lots 36 and 36-15 on Tax Map 4, and it was so VOTED (5-0).

Chair Holt directed CEO Gallegos to issue the Building Permit to Hoogerhyde for construction of a garage on the newly enlarged (consolidated) lot.

There was a brief discussion about the request by Chair Holt at the August 1 meeting, that CEO issue violation notices to various gravel pit owners, and a memo from the CEO relative thereto. Tadema-Wielandt suggested that gravel pit owners be required to attend permit application hearings, which precipitated yet another, brief discussion.

Adjourned at 7:24 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

C. D. Tadema-Wielandt, Secretary