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Minutes - March 6, 2017 (Draft, subject to correction)

Board members present:  Donald Bamman, Perry Fowler, Steve Gabel-Richards (alt.), John Holt, David Legere (alt.) and Richard McMullen.

Board members absent:  Chris Tadema-Wielandt

CEO:  Rick Gallegos

Others:  S. Salsbury, K. Gaianguest, B. Gillett, C. Korty, and K. Rybarz

1.  Call to Order - Chair John Holt called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  He appointed David Legere to serve as a full voting member of the Board for this meeting, due to Chris Tadema-   Wielandt’s absence.

2.  Consideration of minutes – February 6, 2017. - The minutes for the Feb. 6 meeting were not available.  The minutes will be considered at the April 3 meeting.

3.  CEO’s Reports – Permits Issued & Enforcement Activities - These reports were accepted by the Board.

4.  Old Business

            a. Status of BLUO Subdivision complaint against Sarjoy, Inc. - Holt reported that the Selectmen had sent letters to Sarjoy, Inc, the Duquettes and the Hoogerhydes.  Consent agreements have been agreed to with the Duquettes and the Hoogerhydes.

            b. Gravel Pit application, Horpland LLC, “Beal Pit”, Map 7 / Lots 13 & 24 - Perry Fowler reported that this application was still in the process of being   prepared.  No action taken by the Board.

            c. Gravel Permit application, Harold MacQuinn, Inc. “Beal Pit”, Map 7 / Lot 8. -  In as much as further action on this application is dependent upon the Horpland application noted in 4.b., Steve Salsbury, agent for MacQuinn, agreed that no further action should be undertaken at this time.  Consideration was tabled until the April 3, 2017 meeting.

            d. Other old business. - Steve Salsbury, agent for Ron & Marie Simons of Pine Grove Estates subdivision, brought the final Site Plan which Board members signed.  An amendment to the    subdivision had been approved at the February 6, 2017 meeting.

5.  New Business.

            a. Set time and place for initial Special Meeting to take up Gravel Permit application of Harold MacQuinn, Inc. Map 3 / Lots 31& 33. - The Board agreed to hold this initial Special Meeting on Monday, March 20, at the Lamoine Town Hall, beginning at 7:00 p.m.  Steve Salsbury, agent for MacQuinn, stated that he had contacted attorneys for both parties (Town of Lamoine and Harold MacQuinn, Inc,), who reported that they would be able to attend this meeting. 

            b. Other new business:  None presented.

6.  Review of 2/20/2017 Permit Conditions Tracking Report   

            a. Restoration of Little B & H pit, Map 9 / Lot 7, Doug Gott & Sons. - Holt reported that a 3/6/2017 inspection of the former pit by the CEO (permit expired 10/31/2015) revealed the required restoration Is not complete, that additional material had been excavated and removed from the site without a permit and that material brought on the site for restoration purposes contained some construction debris.   

            b. Restoration of north 100’ buffer zone – King Pit. Map 7 / Lot 3-2, PCJ/LLC - Holt reported that a 3/6 inspection by the CEO revealed that the north buffer zone has been acceptably graded and awaits covering with topsoil and related plantings.

             c. Restoration - east & west buffer zones, B&H Pit, Map 3/Lot 6, Doug Gott & Sons  - Not yet undertaken.  Deadline was January 3, 2017.  Agent Steve Salsbury report     that Gott will place large rocks/boulders along that west side of the right-of-way which traverses a portion of the 100 buffer zone and then restore the area to the west of the boulders.  David Legere noted that having the right-of-way in the setback area reduces the effectiveness of the screening efforts.

7.  Ordinance Development.  BLUO Section 4(I)(2). Lot Standards & Structure Setback Table. - Holt presented a revised table which incorporated a decision approved at the previous meeting which measures setbacks of structures from the center line of a roadway, not the edge of the roadway right-of-way.  After brief discussion the Board  approved the revised table and authorized the calling of a Public Hearing to provide an opportunity to consider the revisions prior to any vote at a Town Meeting.

8.  Meeting dates:

            a. Workshop (Shoreland Zoning Ordinance).  April 3, as part of the regular meeting

            b. Regular meetings:  April 3, May 1 and June 5

            c. Special meetings:  March 20 (see 5.a. above)

9.  Adjournment – shortly after 7:30 p.m.

Minutes by John Holt, Secretary Pro Tem