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Minutes - October 2, 2017


In Attendance:

          Planning Board members: Holt, Fowler, McMullen, Tadema-Weilandt,

                                                     Legere, Gabel-Richards (alt.)

          Code Enforcement Officer: Gallegos

          Members of the Public: Stephen Salsbury, Kathleen Rybarz


6:30 pm - Public Hearing: Doug Gott & Sons, Map 2/Lot 11. Opened and closed, no



               Public Hearing: R.F. Jordan, Map 4/Lot 8, “Blunt’s Pond Pit.”  Question by    

                Rybarz about dates for water quality testing at site (provided by Holt). Closed


Regular meeting called to order at 7:40 pm

1.      Consideration of minutes from 9/11/2017 meeting (Holt/Fowler) 5 - 0

2.      CEO Report:

1.      Permits issued - no comments or discussion

2.      Enforcement - #’s 1 & 2 satisfied; #3 restoration of Asher Pit - to be evaluated by CEO; #4 restoration at B & H Pit - needs inspection by CEO; #5 restoration of Jones Pit - needs to be completed by 10/31/2017.

3.      Discussion: illegal shed constructed by Jonathan Moore; Heyse property - owner refusing to let CEO on property.

3.      New Business

1.      Site Plan Review application completeness review. Approved 5 - 0

2.      Application Completeness Review, gravel pit application - R.F. Jordan & Sons, Inc, Map 4/Lot 8 Blunt’s Pond Pit - Holt read email from Dudzinski against approval. Tadema-Weilandt questioned sincerity of owner’s commitment to restore based on current failure to restore complaints. Question of measurement of silica dust as an air pollutant raised. Approved 5 - 0, godd for 3 years from date of expiration of old permit.

4.      Permit Conditions Tracking Report: see 2b above

5.      Ordinance Development:

1.      Lot Standards & Structure Setback Table - changes presented to Select Board, will ask to be on agenda in late October. If approved by Board, they will go to town meeting.

2.      Shoreland Zoning Ordinance: proposed changes sent to MeDEP for comment. Map work still to be done (improve visibility). Holt suggested waiting for recommendations from Comprehensive Plan Commission to keep consistent.

6.      Meeting Dates:

1.      Regular Meetings: 11/13, 12/4, and ⅛

2.      Special Meetings (Kittredge Pit expansion): 11/9 - continued public hearing, 11/14 - planning board meets to decide next steps.

7.      Meeting Adjourned at 8:43 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Steve Gabel-Richards, secretary