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Minutes - November 13, 2017 (Draft, subject to correction)


Members Present: Holt, Tadema-Wielandt, Bamman, Fowler, McMullen, Legere (alt.), Gabel-Richards (alt)


CEO: Rebecca Albright


Called to order at 7:01 pm


Review of October minutes. Motion to accept (Fowler/Legere) 5 - 0


CEO Report:

Reviewed permits issued, no comments.

Tracking update - discussion of ordinance enforcement.

            Asher Pit - hydroseeding failed, inspected by Legere/CEO and Holt/CEO.

            Legere - lack of topsoil, 3 years late and two failed plantings. Suggests stop work 

           order for pit given history of non-compliance. Board moves (5 - 0) to ask CEO to

           issue a stop work order.

Permit Conditions Tracking Report:

1.              dealt with above item

2.              will be inspected by Holt/CEO

3.              Jones Pit, Harold MacQuinn - permit expired 9/30/2016; restoration should be completed by 10/31/2017. Issue notice of violation with 30 days to satisfy ordinance conditions. If not completed in 30 days matter will be turned over to Select Board.

4.              Application from Timber Gorman, Andrew McCullough representing applicant.

            Ceo sent plumbing application to the state, hasn’t heard back.

            Question from Holt - Do deeds from Meyers to Gorman result in a single lot being formed? Yes. Lot boundaries on map need to be updated. Board will wait to hear from the state, then the CEO will make decision on permit, then Board will consider site plan application.


Haslam addition (Buttermilk Road): Motion (Fowler/ McMullen) to find the addition “not substantial,” thus not requiring Planning Board involvement. Passed 5 - 0. CEO can issue the permit.


Lot standards and Structure Setback Table: Public hearing set for December 4, 6:30 pm


Meeting Dates: Regular meetings - Dec. 4, Jan. 8, Feb. 4

                            Special Meeting - November 14 @ 7:00 pm - Kittredge Pit Expansion


Motion to adjourn - 5 - 0 @ 8:18 pm.