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Minutes - December 4, 2017


Board Members Present: Holt, Fowler, McMullen, Legere, Bamman, Gabel-Richards (alt.)

CEO: Rebecca Albright

Members of Public: Stewart Workman, Allison King.


Public Hearing called to order: 6:33 pm

Holt read introduction explaining changes to sect. I.2 of the Building and Land Use Ordinance. There were some questions about road size in terms of public vs. private roads. It was decided to add the descriptor “public” to roadways in this section. These changes will be put on the Planning Board’s agenda in January for response to proposed changes.


Public Hearing closed: 6:50 pm.


Regular Board Meeting


Consideration of minutes: motion to accept minutes from Nov. 13 meeting (Legere/Holt) 5 - 0


CEO Report:

            Permits issued - read over, no questions

            Enforcement Issues -

                        CEO reported on a Notice of Violation sent to Harold MacQuinn, Inc. for the “Jones Pit,” map 7 / lot 7. Notice stated no evidence of restoration and set a deadline for the restoration of 6/30/2018. If not completed at this time the matter will be turned over to Select Board for enforcement.

                        Asher Pit, Harold MacQuinn, Inc. On August 7, the Board requested the CEO to issue a violation notice to MacQuinn with a deadline for restoration of 9/30/2017. This notice was never sent. Since then there has been a second hydro-seeding showing some evidence of growth. Board will reinspect in the spring.


Old Business:

            Timber Gorman - consideration put off until a response from the state has been received about plumbing variances.


New Business:

            Pre-application, Workman Enterprises LLC. - the Board reiterated its concerns over placement of the road with respect to the commercial buildings and the property lines. There was a question of whether an exemption may be available as the commercial lot has been separated from the subdivision. Applicant must decide how he would like to proceed.


Ordinance Development: Board has not heard back from the MEDEP on proposed changes to the Shorelands Zoning Ordinance. Further action will await a response from the state.


Meeting Dates: Regular meetings on Jan. 8, Feb. 5, March 5.

                          Special meeting, Kittredge Pit expansion, Dec. 11.


Motion to adjourn (Legere/McMullen) 5 - 0  7:40 pm

(corrected January 4, 2018)