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Minutes - December 11, 2017 (Draft, subject to correction)

Board Members Present: Don Bamman, Richard McMullen, David Legere,

                                         Steve Gabel-Richards (serving as voting member).


Board Attorney: Dan Pileggi


Representing Applicant: Katie Foster


Members of the Public: Alida A. Liberty, David Grasso, Kathy Gaianguest, Bruce Gillett, Carol Korty, Antonio Blasi, Steve Roiphe, Irene Laney, Debra Matteson.


Call to Order: 7:05 pm

Consideration of Minutes: motion to accept (McMullen/Legere) passed 3 - 0

Purpose of meeting: statement read by Bamman with mention of review criteria F.1-3, G.6, and J


Consideration of site plan review application submitted by Harold MacQuinn, Inc. Map 3 / lots 31 & 33. The Board used the Site Plan Review Criteria Record of Findings check lis and voted on each review standard.  N/A indicates that criteria does not apply to current application.                                         

                                                                        Votes               Yes                       No          Abstain


1.  Preserve and Enhance the Landscape:                             1 (McMullen)       3

2.  Relation of Proposed Buildings to Environment:  N/A

3.  Vehicular Access:                                                                  4                           0

4.  Parking Design Requirements:  N/A

5.  Off-street Parking Requirements:  N/A

6.  Buffering and Screening:                                                       3                           0                1

7.  Exterior Lighting:  N/A

8.  Municipal Services:                                                                4                           0

9.  Surface Water:                                                                         4                           0

10.              Groundwater Protection:                                                    1 (McMullen)       3

11.               Air Pollution:                                                                         3                           0                1

12.              Oder:                                                                                       4                           0

13.              Noise:  some discussion of whether town is equipped to       4                           0

                  measure standards set in criteria.  

14.  Sewage Disposal:  N/A

15.   Utilities / Waste Disposal / Water Supply:  N/A

16.   Comprehensive Plan:                                                            4                            0

17.   Stormwater Drainage: Discussion focused on portion of     1 (Mcullen)           3

       the review standard that read, “ Neither the quality nor

       quantity of existing water supplies shall be affected.

       Neither shall the development decrease the quantity of

       water available below the current and foreseeable future

       needs of the development or existing and potential

       development in the area.” 

18.  Conservation, Erosion, and Sediment Control:                   4                             0

19.  Advertising Features: N/A

20.  Financial and Technical Capacity:                                       4                             0


K.  Special Review Standards

            K.1 and K.2 not applicable

K.3 Mineral Exploration and Extraction (required)                   1 (McMullen)        3


Site Plan Review Application is Denied


Dan Pileggi reminded the Board of the time windows for filing appeals which can’t be done until the Board approves the Findings of Fact and Conclusions for the applications. He recommended that the Board vote tonight on the Findings of Fact from the decision reached on November 14.

Motion to Approve:  passed 3 - 0  (Gabel-Richards did not vote as he was not a voting member at the Nov. 14 meeting.


Special meeting set for December 18 at 7:00 to vote on Findings of Fact and Conclusions for tonights meeting.


Motion to Adjourn (Legere/G-R)  4 - 0