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Minutes  - January 8, 2018 (Draft, subject to correction)

Board members present: Holt, Fowler, Bamman, Tadema-Wielandt

CEO: Rebecca Albright

Members of the public: Andrew McCulloch


Consideration of minutes: Change “Select Board” in paragraph 1 to “Planning Board.”

                                           Motion to accept (Bamman/Fowler)  5 - 0


CEO Report:

1.                     items 1 and 3, no changes

2.                     item 2, B & H Pit, Map 3 / Lot 6, Doug Gott and Sons.Site walk conducted, Holt/Albright found several areas with inadequate restoration. Planning Board asked CEO to send a letter to Doug Gott & Sons that they are in violation and that work needs to be completed by June 30, 2018.


CEO Albright proposed looking in to creating a “report card” to serve as rating instrument for how well permittees are doing in meeting the requirements of their permits. This “performance rating” can then be made part of the public record.


Holt: Amend the permit application to take into account the applicant’s prior record with restoration/reclamation and make granting of permit conditional on clearing up requirements of previous permits that have not been completed.


Old Business: Timber Gorman, Map 12 / Lots 33 & 30, reconstruction of nonconforming structure. Based on site visit, motion was made to authorize CEO to grant permit. Holt/ Tadema-Wielandt  3 - 0 ( Bamman and Fowler abstained as they were not present on site walk)


New Business: No new business.


Ordinance Development:

1.             Proposed amendments to BLUO, section 4(1)(2). Discussion of definitions of roads in the various ordinances. This discussion is to be continued.

2.             Holt reported that the State DEP responded to the changes made to the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance. They recommended a few changes which will be placed on the February agenda.


CEO Albright: reported on a developer who wants to  build a cluster development, but the ordinance wording mandates cluster development being connected to municipal water and sewage. The Board proposed a change from municipal to public water supply. Otherwise, the development must comply with all state standards. Board will pursue making these changes to the ordinance.


Meeting Dates: February 5, March 5, and April 7.


Motion to adjourn: Holt/Bamman  5 - 0