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Minutes - February 5, 2018 (Draft, subject to correction)


Present:  Planning Board members Richard McMullen, Don Bamman, Chris Tadema-Wielandt, and John Holt; alternate member David Legere; CEO Rebecca Albright

Steven Salsbury and Brett Jones

Absent:  Board member Perry Fowler and alternate member Steve Gabel-Richards

1.  Chair John Holt called the meeting to order shortly after 7:00 p.m.

2.  The Minutes of the January 8, 2018 and July 11, 2017 meetings were approved with minor corrections.

3.  Code Enforcement Officer’s reports

            a. Monthly plumbing permit report presented

            b. Rebecca Albright’s written report of activities accepted with thanks,

            c. Restoration of inactive Jones Pit.  (Map 7 / Lot 7).

The Board received a copy of a letter from Steven Salsbury, agent for Harold MacQuinn, Inc., to the CEO (email January 22), requesting guidance as to the restoration of the now inactive Jones Pit.  Restoration should have been completed by January 3, 2017 but had not been undertaken at all.  A letter of violation had been sent in December 2017 to MacQuinn via agent Salsbury stipulating a new completion date of June 30, 2018.  Salsbury and the CEO visited the site on January 19, 2018, a visit which prompted the Jan 22 email from Salsbury to the CEO A lengthy discussion ensued regarding the source of material to be used to restore the existing slopes within the pit to the required 2.5:1 restoration grade.  Salsbury proposed digging and grading up to two abutting properties which would include the 100 foot buffer area between the pit and those abutters.  Holt suggested that the buffer areas could not be touched and that material from outside the existing parcel may be required to be utilized.  There was discussion as to the boundaries of the existing Site Plan Review Permit on the site.  After further discussion, a consensus seemed to be reached that MacQuinn could utilize on-site material within the bounds of the existing Site Plan Review Permit (50 feet from abutting properties), and that this material could not be removed from the site but utilized only for the purposes of restoring the pit according to Gravel Ordinance standards.  CEO Albright will take the PB’s opinion into consideration as she proceeds to further monitor the Jones Pit restoration matter.

4.  Permit Conditions Tracking Report.

            a. Jones Pit restoration.  See 3.a. above.

            b. B & H Pit restoration.  The Gravel Permit granted January 4, 2016 required two areas of the parcel to be restored – a small area at the south east corner and portion of the western boundary.  Salsbury informed the Board that Doug Gott & Sons had purchased a small lot abutting the eastern boundary of the B & H pit which could change the buffer setback, eliminating the necessity of restoring the south east corner.  Holt responded that Salsbury had not informed the Board of the Gott purchase nor sought to amend the existing Gravel Permit in light of that purchase; thus, the existing requirement remained in place until such time as an amendment is sought.  CEO Albright will take the PB’s opinion into consideration as she proceeds to further monitor the B&H Pit restoration issues.

5.  Old Business.  None

6.  New Business.  None

7.  Ordinance Development.

            a. Building & Land Use Ordinance, Section 4(I) (2) – “Lot Standards & Structure Setback Table.”  The Board continued discussion of amendments to this Table and agreed to make two changes to footnote #5.  The first is to change the word “roadway” to “Public Road” and the second is to change the words “street roadway” to “Public Road.”  The Board then agreed that this was the final change to be made and the amended Table was ready to be presented to the voters at a Town Meeting, at a time to be determined later.

            b. Shoreland Zoning Ordinance.  Holt reported that he had incorporated all of the changes recommended by Dawn Abbott of the Maine DEP (following her review of our draft which we forwarded to her late in 2017.).  Our next task is to review the Shoreland Zoning Map to note where we must and/or wish to make changes to it.  Specifically, we are to consider which streams to include in the Stream Protection areas and which areas in the Flood Plain Zone to designate as Resource Protection areas.  Don, John and Rebecca will meet before the next meeting to review the Flood Plain data.

            c.  Cluster Housing.  BLUO Section 13.C. Site Considerations.  The Board discussed deleting subsections C4 and C5 which require the use of municipal water and sewage disposal systems, respectively, neither of which exist in the town of Lamoine.  Don Bamman had obtained copies of ordinances (towns of Tremont, Trenton and Hancock) which use other wordings with respect to water and sewer.  Holt will make copies of these documents to be distributed to all members in the packets for the March 5 meeting.

            d. Gravel Ordinances.  Section 8. D Restoration.  Holt distributed a proposal for the Board to consider at a subsequent meeting.  The proposal is an amendment to Section 8(D)(1)(e) which would give the Planning Board authority to revoke and/or deny Gravel Permits for failures to restore as required by the ordinance.


8.  Meeting dates:  March 5, April 2 & May 7

9.  Meeting adjourned about 9:20 pm

John Holt

Secretary pro tem