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Lamoine Planning Board Minutes - April 2, 2018 (Draft, subject to correction)


Present: John Holt, Chris Tadema-Wielandt, Perry Fowler, Don Bamman, David Legere, Steve              


              CEO Rebecca Albright


Stephen Salsbury, Stacey Durrell


1.  Chair Holt called meeting to order at 6:32 pm.

2.   Public Hearing: Gravel pit application, King Pit, PCJ LLC, Map 7/ Lot 3-2

a.   Review of site walk - snow covered so couldn’t judge restoration effort on the north side, CEO to inspect at a later date, some restoration on the west side but not complete.

b.  Public Hearing closed at 6:40 pm.

3.  Consideration of Minutes - found complete, motion to accept (Tadema-Wielandt/Fowler) 4 - 0

4.  Code Enforcement Officer’s Report

      a.  Permit Reports - reviewed, no comments

      b.   Enforcement Activities - no new enforcement issues.

i.  Brief mention of application of Tom True, the property at 55 Seaview, and CEO granted an extension for the Jones Pit requested by Stephen Salsbury.

      c.    Permit Conditions Tracking Report

i.  No changes from last month

5.  Old Business

a.   Findings of Fact and Decision: gravel pit application, King Pit, PCJ LLC, Map 7/Lot 3

i.    Performance Standard A - found acceptable

ii.   Performance Standard B - Acceptable with note that topography makes complete screening along Douglas Highway impracticable.

iii. Performance Standard C - a question was raised by Holt about the new access road which crosses the old pit floor which is less than 5 feet above the water table (grandfathered). What might be done to protect groundwater? Accepted with the following condition under C4; “there will be no refueling or overnight storage of equipment in areas of the pit that do not meet the minimum five foot seperation to the water table.” 

iv. Performance Standard D - Accepted with the following condition under D1; “ no removal of material may occur until restoration of the area to the north of the new access road is completed as agreed in the prior permit.”

v.   Performance Standards E - N all accepted.

vi.Application approved (4 - 0) with noted conditions.

6.  New Business - no new business

7.  Ordinance Development

a.   Shoreland Zoning Ordinance

i.     Main questions, How do we bring our existing SZO map into compliance, and what needs to be included in Resource Protection?

ii.   further study to determine what areas should be listed as resource protection.


        b.   Gravel Ordinance

i.  Section 8D1e - add subsections e1 and e2 to this standard. e(1): Restoration of previously excavated areas proposed or required as part of a Gravel Permit must be completed within one year of the date of the permit issuance. Failure to complete Restoration within one year shall be deemed sufficient grounds for: (a) revocation of an existing Gravel Permit; and/or (b) denial of subsequent Gravel Permit for the same parcel until such time as required restoration is completed. e(2): Restoration of a discontinued pit must be completed within one year of the date of discontinuance. 

        c.     Building and Land Use Ordinance - Section 13 Development Standards

i.  Draft submitted by Holt that removes wording requiring hook up to municipal water

               and sewage.

ii.   Board to read and comment for next meeting.

8.  Meeting Dates: May 7, June 4, and July 9.

9.   Motion to adjourn (Holt/Fowler) 5 - 0 at 8:28 pm.