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Minutes - May 7, 2018


Board Members Present: Don Bamman, John Holt, David Legere, and Chris Tadema-Wielandt

Absent:  Perry Fowler, Steve Gabel-Richards David Legere

CEO Rebecca Albright

Members of the Public:  Perley Merrick, Kathy Salkins

1.  Holt - Call to order at 7:05

2.  Minutes:  3 minor corrections:

            5.a. King Pit is Map 7 / Lot 3-2

            5.a.iii  word ‘separation’ is misspelled

            7.c.i   word ‘sewage’ should be ‘sewer’

            (Corrected minutes should be sent to Town for inclusion on the website)

3.  CEO reports

            a.  Permits report accepted

            b.  Enforcement activities (see 4 below)

4.  Review of Permit conditions tracking report

            Discussion of Restoration of Jones Pit, Map 7 / Lot 7

Perley Merrick and Kathy Salkins, who own parcels which abut the western side of the Jones Pit, expressed their concern that significant amount of trees would be removed behind their properties as the Jones Pit is restored by Harold MacQuinn , Inc. according to terms which the Board decided at its April meeting.  After lengthy discussion, at which it was pointed out that the trees which may be removed are on MacQuinn’s land, the Board agreed to revisit the Jones Pit to examine more closely the existing steep slopes and existing vegetation.  To that end, the Board scheduled at Site Visit for Wednesday, May 9, at 4:00 pm and authorized those present to determine which slopes could be left as is and thus would not be required to be further restored and how the remaining slopes would be restored.   Holt/Tadema-Wielandt moved that the Board is agreeing  to expand the area of the pit where steep banks are found to be stable and do not need to be restored. (4 - 0)

            Discussion of restoration of east buffer of the Asher Pit. To be inspected in June, noted recent activity such as delivery of straw to the site.

            Discussion of B & H Pit. Board notified that Gott bought a parcel of land, enlarging the area in question. A site visit requested as there has been recent activity in the pit and it is getting close to recharge area of the public water supply spring.

            King Pit - recent activity noted, material brought in raising pit floor, CEO to inspect.

5.    No old business

6.    No new business

7.    Ordinance Development

            Cluster Development Standards: Reviewed suggested changes to earlier draft sent in by Tadema-Wielandt, these were mostly editorial. A discussion followed concerning the open space description and the role of wetlands in making up this space. A provision was proposed for section 8, Common Open Space, that “the required minimum acreage of land dedicated as open space shall not include land described in section 3.D of this ordinance as not suitable for development, excepting wetlands, which may comprise as much as 50% of the designated common space. There was some further discussion of wording concerning fire suppression and road frontage/lot size. Ordinance found to be adequate. To be revisited next month.

             Proposed changes to BLUO lot standards and structure setback table and the changes to the restoration section of the gravel ordinance are on the agenda for the May 17 town meeting.

             No further ordinance discussion.

Meeting adjourned at approx. 8:25 pm.