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Minutes - June 4, 2018 (Draft, subject to correction)


Board Members Present: John Holt, Don Bamman, Richard McMullen, David Legere, Steve Gabel-Richards

CEO: Rebecca Albright

Members of the Public: Margaret DeLuca, Peter Brown, Mike Bradford, Stephanie Bradford, Allen D. Ashmore Jr.


1.  Call to Order by chair Holt at 7:03 pm

2.  Consideration of Minutes: Accepted as amended (Bamman/Holt, 5 - 0) David Legere not present.

3.  Discussion of Bradford Proposal: proposal to modify initial application requiring a fence as a buffer between buildings and abutter to west to use of a row of trees as a buffer. Motion to accept, Bamman/G-R, 5 - 0

4.  Code Enforcement Officer’s Report:

   a. Permits Issued: Dana Young variance denied by Appeals Board.

   b. Reports:

   c. Permit Conditions Tracking Report:

            For this month, Asher Pit needs to be inspected. Jones Pit, Map7 / Lot 7 - Holt read letter from Salsbury noting differences in understanding about what had been decided during the site visit. Notes were reviewed and Salsbury informed that the issue is to be dealt with by the CEO.

5.  Old Business: none

6.  New Business: Bradford and Ashmore, see above

7.  Ordinance Development:

   a. BLUO - Section 13c, Cluster Development. Proposed changes reviewed. Motion to accept draft as written (Legere/Holt) 5 - 0

8. Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm