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Minutes - July 9, 2018


Board members present: John Holt, Don Bamman, Chris Tadema-Wielandt, Perry Fowler, Richard McMullen, David Legere, Steve Gabel-Richards


CEO: Rebecca Albright (arrived after item 3 below)


Members of the public: Kathy Guiangist


1.  Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm

2.  Consideration of minutes: Holt requested greater background detail in minutes for context. Accepted 4 - 0 (Fowler abstained, wasn’t at the meeting.)

3.  CEO Reports: CEO not present, reports accepted by Board, no questions.

4.  Permit Conditions tracking Report:

a.  Asher Pit - as of mid-June significant portions of buffer have not been restored at all, and other portions have little successful ground cover from previous hydro-seedings. Notice of violation to be sent with 30 days to comply before stop work order issued. [Tadema-Wielandt proposed for future permit applications that after restoration provisions have been set, require a cash bond which would be forfeit if the work is not completed by dates set forth in application. Will consider at time of application.]

b.  Jones Pit: significant amount of work done recently. July 30 deadline for completion.

c.  Alexander Pit: Board negotiated with Ed Bearer last year that one year from the date of the permit, July 10, 2018, one-half of the Alexander Pit must have the 100 ft buffer completely restored. They then have another year to remove the large stockpiled materials. CEO to make site visit on July 10. If work is found to be not completed, Board recommends issuing a notice of violation with 30 days to complete work before a stop work order is issued.

d.  King Pit: Shaping work at site was done, unknown whether any planting has been done. Condition of permit states that restoration of this area must be completed within one year and that no excavation of sand/gravel can take place until it is completed.

e.  CEO raised an issue about the quality of maps submitted along with items like water quality reports. Holt agreed to look these over with CEO.

5.  Old Business: none

6.  New Business: none

7.  Ordinance Development:

i.   Shoreland Zoning Ordinance: Review of rewrite version 7. State has reviewed for pre-approval. Motion to accept and let selectboard know we are ready for a special town meeting. (Holt/Fowler) 5 - 0

ii.   Shoreland Zoning Map: Motion to add Archer Brook to stream protection on SZO map and hold a public hearing in early September for Ordinance with map. (Bamman/Fowler) 5 - 0

8.  Election of Officers:

a.  Gabel-Richards nominated for secretary (Holt/Bamman) 5 - 0

b.  Motion to leave other officers as is (Fowler/Holt) 5 - 0


Meeting Dates: August 6, September 10, October 1.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.