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Minutes - July 9, 2018 (Special Meeting) - (Draft, subject to correction)

Action for MacQuinn v. Planning Board

Following Board of Appeals Decisions


Call to 6:15 P.M.

Board members present Don Bamman (chair) Richard McMullen and Perry Fowler. Others present Attorney Dan Pilleggi, Attorney Ed Bearor and a number residents.

The first Item for discussion was acting on the Gravel ordinance.  Dan Pileggi gave a brief explanation of what our duties were in dealing with this subject.

Perry motion made to approve the Gravel permit with the conditions imposed by the Board of Appeals.

Richard 2nd the motion.

Don read aloud the list of conditions.  Don asked if the Planning Board could deny the permit.

Dan Pileggi explained the Planning Board could if there were new evidence submitted or the Planning Board felt the Board of Appeals had wronged in their procedure.

(Enter David Legere about this time)

The vote called 3 for and 1 abstained (Legere)

Site plan review

(Enter Chris Tadema-Wielandt)

Dan Pileggi explained that The Board of Appeals had found parts of the Site Plan Review ordinance unapplicable but that the Planning needed to go through Item K3 a and b and make specific findings. (lots of discussion).  Don read each standard and a vote was taken.

K3 a(1) Chris made motion to approve. Richard 2nd Vote 4-1(Chris opposed)

K3 a(2) Chris moved to approve. Richard 2nd Vote 5-0 approved

K3 a(3) Chris moved to approve. Richard 2nd Vote 5-0. Approved as drawn on map from Board of Appeals Decision.

K3 a(4)abc Richard moved to approve.  Perry 2nd.  Vote 3-2 (Chris and Dave opposed)

K3 a(5) Richard moved to approve.  Perry 2nd.  Vote 3-2(Don and Dave opposed)

The Planning Board decided to look at items 1-5 under site Plan Review Section K3 b as a whole and make one vote.  David moved to approve. Richard 2nd.  Vote 5-0.

Chris made a motion to accept the Site Plan Review subject to the Board of Appeals conditions.  Richard 2nd.  Vote 5-0 approved.

Discussion on slopes and to what areas certain conditions apply in the current operating pit.  Dan Pileggi explained only in the expansion area that was just being considered.

Adjourn 6:53 P.M.

Submitted by interim Secretary,

Perry Fowler