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Minutes - December 3, 2018


Board Members Present: John Ho;t, Richard McMullen, Steve Gabel-Richards, Chris Tadema-Wielandt, Perry Fowler


CEO: not present


Members of the Public: Terry Towne, Ken Smith, Michael Jordan


Call to order: 7:02 pm


Consideration of minutes: received to late to act upon.


Code Enforcement Officer’s Reports:

            Building and Plumbing Permits - no concerns


Permit Conditions Tracking Report: unchanged, no discussion


Old Business: none


New Business: none


Ordinance Development:

            Shoreland Zoning Ordinance - Board has been working to update the ordinance and bring it into compliance with the State. Text revision completed and unofficially approved by the state. Public hearing was held. SZO map work remains to be completed. State requires all shore parcels to be placed in one of five districts. Changes proposed by the Board to the map include adding Archer’s Brook to “stream protection,”  and Make changes to the “resource protection” zone as mandated by the state because of changes to the Federal flood zone maps.

   Terry Towne spoke and expressed concerns about failure to provide adequate notice as mandated by state statute.He also raised the question of whether parcels designated “resource protection” due to their inclusion in flood hazard zones needs to be shown on the SZO map. A letter from the state clearly stated that this is not required. One further concern expressed was whether or not the Board/Town was obligated to notify land owners who were newly included in resource protection.

    After much discussion, the Board acknowledged that much work was still needed and that as property owners were identified the Board would provide notification to them.

    Ken Smith raised a question about criteria 6 in designating resource protection. This makes reference to the Comprehensive Plan which is to go to the Town at Town Meeting. For areas designated by the Comprehensive plan to be included in the SZO, the Planning Board would need to meet to make the changes required.


            Miscellaneous amendments to BLUO concerning:

1.   non-conforming structures were presented for future consideration. 

2.   front yard setback from public roads as applied to a subdivision.

3.  concern of CEO about clearing of vegetation for building which is allowed without a  permit leading to owners violating ordinances they may not be aware of. Recommendation to require consultation with CEO before proceeding.

4.  clearing up footnotes that are not referenced anywhere.


Proposed acting on above at the next meeting.


 Upcoming Meeting Dates: Jan. 7, Feb. 4, and March 4.


Meeting Adjourned: 8:30 pm