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Meeting Notes - May 9, 2018 - 4:00 PM


Harold MacQuinn, Inc. “Jones Pit” – Map 7 Lot 7



Board members Don Bamman, Perry Fowler, John Holt, Richard McMullen and David Legere

Others:  Paul MacQuinn, President of Harold MacQuinn, Inc.; abutters Perley Merrick & Kathy Salkan

The purpose of this site visit was to inspect the existing slopes of the Jones Pit to determine which steep slopes were stable and vegetated and which steep slopes needed to be regraded and vegetated.  This visit was authorized by vote of the board at its May 7 meeting.

It was decided that the western slope of the existing pit was stable and would require only minimal additional top soil and vegetation where some bare spots existed;  that the eastern would slope need both substantial additional material to reduce the slope to the 2.5:1 standard required by the Gravel Ordinance and topsoil and vegetation applied to the regraded areas.  MacQuinn would obtain much of this material on site by removing some trees further east and north of the slope and moving the material into the existing pit area.  

All present were part of the discussion and Paul MacQuinn agreed to the requirements as they were explained.

Notes by John Holt