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Minutes - January 7, 2019


Call to order: 7:05 pm


Board members present: John Holt, Don Bamman, Steve Gabel-Richards, David Legere


CEO: Rebecca Albright


Members of the public: Ken Smith, Mike Jordan, Kathie Gaianguest


Request to address Board by David Legere: David regretfully tendered his resignation from the planning board citing work related time constraints that he felt kept him from giving the board the time needed for proper preparation.


Consideration of minutes: The minutes from October 1, 2018 were reviewed and accepted. (Holt/Bamman) 3 - 0


CEO Reports:

            Building and Plumbing reports accepted

            Permit Conditions Tracking Report: unchanged


Old Business: none


Ordinance Development:

            Draft of map prepared by COA reviewed. Changes noted to outflow from Blunt’s Pond. This will be adjusted further based on a survey provided by Ken Smith.

            District Boundaries and Parcels Therein: Commercial Fisheries-Maritime Activities, 3 zones noted, at Marlboro Beach, Lamoine Beach, and Lamoine State Park.

Resource Protection - discussion of two levels of protection, those mandated by the state due to changes in the federal flood zone maps, and two areas designated by the Town at the end of the Jordan River and in Raccoon Cove.

            The Board decided that the work remaining to be done will prevent the map from being ready for the annual Town Meeting. Also, as lots impacted by resource protection are identified, property owners will be notified by mail of the potential impact on their properties.

            Rebecca Albright requested that the new SZO map include a footnote along the lines of, “above and beyond these designated areas, there are other resource protection areas which are not mapped, but are described specifically within the SZO. Therefore, you should check with the CEO before any projects are started.”

            Ken Smith concurred that a list of reasons that a property might be under resource protection be provided.

            Kathie Gaianguest provided the Board with materials regarding climate change and its potential impact on the Town, specifically storm surges, storm intensity, and rising sea levels. She believes that factors related to climate change be included in developing the SZO map. Kathie will be placed on the agenda for the February meeting to make a presentation.


New Business:

            Review of Summit Environmental COnsultants 12/11/2018 report of Groundwater  Level Monitoring for the Higgins, Kittredge, Asher, and Beal gravel pits. Holt read letter to Steve Salsbury about questions/concerns he had following his reading of the report. Most of the issues resulted from missing data about top of riser and ground level heights at various test wells. There was a particular concern presented concerning readings from the PB-4S(shallow) well in the Kittredge Pit and whether or not the adjustments to the agreement with MacQuinn concerning setbacks and depth of mining. Salsbury replyed that he would not be able to provide clarification before the January 7 meeting. Further discussion of this and other ordinance changes was put off until the next meeting when more Board members will be present.


Upcoming Meeting Dates: February 4, March 4, and April 1.


Meeting adjourned: 8:18 pm