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Minutes - March 4, 2019 (Draft, subject to correction)


Board Members Present: John Holt, Chris Tadema-Wielandt, Don Bamman, Perry Fowler, Richard McMullen, Stuart workman, Steve Gabel-Richards.


Members of the Public Present: Corry Nasberg, Jason Vafiades, Karen Hood, Michael Jordan, Kathryn Gaianguest, Kathleen Rybarz, Catherine de Tuede.


Public Hearing - 6:30 PM:

Proposed Amendment to Building and Land Use Ordinance, Section 4H, Table of Land Uses, Footnote #3.


Michael Jordan felt that the town attorney should be consulted as to the legality of the proposed change.


Regular Planning Board Meeting - 6: 44 PM


Consideration of Minutes: some small changes, Bamman abstained from the vote on the Dec. 3 minutes as he was not at the meeting. Global Rooster LLC corrected to Trans Global Rooster, LLC. Accepted 4 - 0 with Fowler abstaining (not at meeting).


CEO Reports: Rebecca Albright was not present, looked over reports on hand, no discussion.


Permit Conditions Tracking Report - no changes, no discussion.


Old Business:

            Application Completeness Review - Site Plan Review Permit - Gerald Nasberg - Map 7 Lot 3 - Self-storage buildings and Office Building.

            Application Completeness Review - Commercial Building Permit - Gerald Nasberg - Map 7 Lot 3 - Self-storage buildings and Office Building.

Board went through checklists and asked for some additional information (see notes) to be delivered within two weeks. Applications found complete with noted conditions, 5 - 0.

Next steps, applicant informed that the Board has not received a Commercial Building Permit Application which needs to be received soon to make it on the the next agenda.


Kathleen Rybarz brought up the Rough Patch Bumblebee, from the National Endangered Species List, as a point of awareness for the Board and Applicant. This endangered species may be found in our area.


New Business:


Don Bamman presented information on his request for a public presentation of “Beginning With Habitats,” a new mapping program dealing with significant habitats and protected species. He has not heard back yet about scheduling.

Ordinance Development:

            Shoreland Zoning Ordinance Map Revisions update.

                        Referenced last months presentation from Kathryn Gaianguest on concerns with storm surge and other climate change impacts. What could the Planning Board do to address these concerns? Holt reminded the Board and Public that our current ordinances state that any land within the 100 year flood zone is automatically, by definition designated “Resource Protection” according to the State of Maine. This provides significant protection for Lamoine’s shoreline. He felt that moving beyond that level protection, while maybe needed in the future, was best handled with the aid of people with greater scientific training.

                        District boundaries and parcels included therein - Board discussed the different designations, where they are, and possible changes. DIscussed consulting land owners with designations that are questioned about their thoughts on the matter. A longer discussion dealt with the area around Lamoine Beach Park, and what part of the shore should be considered Commercial Fisheries.Similar discussion for Lamoine State Park. How much of the shore there should be in Commercial Fisheries and Marine Activities. Other areas discussed include Seal Point, Blunts Pond, and several Resource Protection areas. Decided that the discussion will need to be continued at a future date.


Upcoming Meeting Dates: April 1, May 6, and June 3.


Meeting Adjourned: 8:55 PM