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Minutes - May 6, 2019


Board Members Present: John Holt, Chris Tadema-Wielandt, Don Bamman, Perry Fowler, Richard McMullen, Steve Gabel-Richards (Alternate Member).


Ceo: Rebecca Albright


Members of the Public Present: Ernest Payson, Carol Korty, Susan Arthur, Kathleen Rybarz, Margaret DeLuca, Stephanie Bradford.


Public Hearing - Gerald Nasberg, Site Plan Review Permit, Map 7 / Lot 3, Self-storage buildings and office building. Commercial Building Permit, self-storage buildings and office building.


                              Susan Arthur, Commercial Building Permit, Map 10 / Lot 5-3, 30’ x 24’ addition to existing building.


Susan Arthur permit: the only public comment questioned the use of the classroom.


Gerald Nasberg permits:

            An Abutter, Ernest Payson, wanted to make sure the developer was aware of water that drained from his property then crosses the project lot ultimately to Archer Brook and that construction would not restrict this flow backing water up on his property.  Examination of the project maps indicated that this would not be the case.


            There was a discussion about the placement of the locked gate. Some residents felt that it should be closer to the entrance from Douglas Highway to avoid unauthorized vehicles access to the road. It was explained how this would make it difficult for trucks and trailers who would have to stop on the public highway while they unlocked the gate.


Kathleen Rybarz raised a question about vehicle storage and the potential for fluid leaks where the project sits atop the gravel aquifer. Kathryn Gaianguest submitted and read a short document describing several protective measures she felt should be added to the project. Jason Vafiades then explained the measures in place for the project including the state stormwater management permit that he felt would address the concerns expressed.


Stephanie Bradford expressed some concern that the business she and her husband established, self-storage and auto detailing not far from this project, was held to a higher standard in the application of local ordinances.


Public Hearing closed at 7:14 PM




May 6 Board Meeting called to order at 7:15


Consideration of minutes:  March 4 minutes were accepted, (Tadema-Wielandt/Fowler) 5 - 0


Old Business:


            Finding of Facts & Decision - Commercial Building Permit application, Susan Arthur, Map 7 / Lot 5-3, 30’ x 24’ addition to existing commercial building. After a brief review of the project, it was moved (Holt/Fowler) to grant the permit. 5 - 0


            FInding of Facts & Decision - Site Plan Review application; Gerald Nasberg, Map 7 / Lot 3, self-storage buildings and office building. After going through the checklist, the Board moved (Fowler/Bamman) voted 5 - 0 to approve the site plan review with conditions imposed for lines 10 and 20, Groundwater Protection as follows, no storage of hazardous wastes, no mechanized boats or vehicles containing fuel may be stored outdoors. For #20, a letter of financial and technical capacity is to be submitted.


            Findings of Facts & Decision - Commercial Building Permit application, Gerald Nasberg, Map 7 / Lot 3, self-storage buildings and office building. The Board went through the checklist and voted (5 - 0) to approve the permit with conditions noted concerning groundwater protections (see site plan review conditions) and payment of notification fee.


Code Enforcement Officer’s Reports:


            Building and Plumbing Reports - no discussion

            Enforcement - A Stop Work Order was submitted to Harold MacQuinn, Inc to halt work in the Kittredge Pit expansion site in violation of the recent court ruling.

            Permit Conditions Tracking Report - No changes since last report.


New Business: none


Ordinance Development


            Workshop scheduled fo June 17 at 7:00 PM


Upcoming Meeting Dates: June 3, July 1, and August 5.


Meeting Adjourned at 8:55 PM