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Minutes - June 3, 2019


Board members present:  Chair John Holt, Vice-chair Don Bamman, alternate member Stewart Workman

Board members absent:  Chris Tadema-Wielandt, Perry Fowler, Richard McMullen and alternate member Steve Gabel-Richards

Also present was CEO Rebecca Albright


1.  Chair Holt called the meeting to order shortly after 7:00 pm.  Holt stated that a quorum was present and that alternate member Workman would be a voting member at this meeting.


2.  Consideration of Minutes – April 1, 2019 & May 6, 2019 regular meetings

            a. No April 1, 2019 minutes were available for consideration

            b. May 6, 2019.  The following amendments/corrections were to the submitted minutes:  (1) under Board Members Present,  Steve Gabel-Richards should be noted as an alternate member; (2) under Findings of Facts & Decision, Site Plan Review applications, Nasberg, change phrase “…no mechanized boats or vehicles may be stored outdoors containing fuel…” to “…no boats or vehicles containing fuel may be stored outdoors…”; (3) each paragraph heading under Old Business should read: “Findings of Facts & Decision”.  Minutes approved as amended.


3.  CEO Reports

            CEO Albright reported that she met with Dawn Abbot Heard of the Maine DEP and that they visited two shoreland zone sites to inspect revegetation compliance.  Sites were found to be not in compliance and notices of violation would be forthcoming from both the Maine DEP and the town.


4.  5/22/2019 Permit Conditions Tracking Report

            Chair Holt reported that no changes had been made since the previous month’s report.


5.  New Business

            a. Hancock County Planning Commission membership.  The Board reviewed a memorandum from Stu Marckoon detailing the recent financial woes of the Commission.   The Board recommends that the town not pay its annual dues to the Commission until such time as it gets its act in order.

            b. City of Ellsworth Rezoning proposal.   The Board reviewed a memorandum from the City of Ellsworth explaining its proposal to rezone 17 parcels of land abutting Lamoine both along Douglas Highway and Buttermilk Road.  The proposal would permit development of residential housing in this area currently zoned Commercial. 


6.  Status of Kittridge Pit legal battle. 

            Judge Duddy has not yet responded to the request of Harold MacQuinn, Inc., that he reconsider and change his opinion overturning the Appeals Board decision to order the issuance of Gravel and Site Plan Review permits to MacQuinn for the Kittridge Pit expansion.


7. Ordinance Development

            Those present discussed changes to the Shoreland Zoning Map but took no votes as most members of the Board were not present at the meeting.  Among the items discussed were:

            How much of Lamoine Beach parcel to classify as CF/MA or LC and how much to designate as RP.  Consensus to name the whole parcel as either CF/MA or LC to give the Town options as to how to utilize/develop the parcel for the public good.

            Blunts Pond, as a Great Pond, is in shoreland and must be so designated on the map.  It currently is not.  What is best classification of the public beach area given parking needs/concerns and what about the newly donated Whitcomb property pond frontage

            Seal Point.  Much of Seal Point is currently designated as Limited Commercial.  Should the town designate lobster pound parcel (12-2) as CF/MA and the rest as Limited Residential?

            Mud Creek park?  Parks Commission is hoping to develop a small public park near the Mud Creek culvert.  The Board felt that it was premature to change designation until such time as the park proposal becomes a reality.  The town would have to vote to accept donated land and at that public meeting a change in designation could be enacted.

            Maintain Stream Protection status for Spring Brook and Archers Brook.  Improve representation of Blunts Pond outflow on new map.


8.   Upcoming meetings:

            June 24, 7:00 pm -   Workshop meeting to continue discussion re SZO map

            July 8, 2019, 7:00 pm – Regular meeting (changed from July 1)


Respectfully submitted;


John Holt, Secretary Pro Tem