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Minutes - August 5, 2019 (Draft, subject to correction)


Board Members Present:John Holt, Richard McMullen, Stewart Workman, Steve Habel-Richards, Perry Fowler, Chris Tadema-Wielandt (7:10 PM}


CEO: Rebecca Albright


Members of the Public: Steve Salsbury, Katie Foster (Rudman Winchell, for Harold

                                      MacQuinn, Inc.)


Call to Order: 7:02 PM


Consideration of Minutes: From the June 3, 2019 meeting, moved to accept as presented (Holt/Workman) 2 - 0


CEO Reports:

            Permits Issued - Only discussion was for permit denial for a hot tub improperly placed within the shore land setback.

            Enforcement Activities:

CEO met with Kevin Barbee and Tim Ring who informed her that they had planted 300 trees in the Coley Cove subdivision. Will do a site visit on Wednesday.


Working with a property owner Andrews in the Racoon Cove area on Cove Road who has a parcel that is mostly wetland Except for one corner which is outside of wetland and the shoreland zone. Put in a road without a permit. CEO had owner hire a site evaluator/engineer to create a site plan. Will meet again next week.


Follow up on King Pit, concerning northern boundary which was to be restored. Little restoration done to date. No material to be removed from the pit until restoration is complete. Owner informed that they have until the end of September to clear up this matter.


Permit Conditions Tracking Report: nothing in addition to the King Pit to follow up on.


Old Business: None


New Business:

            Board received a request for an extension of a building permit 17-37 from Luis C. Rosa Rodriquez. Moved to grant 1 year extension. )Fowler/ Tadema-Wielandt) 5 - 0


            Application Completeness Review for the Kittredge Pit. Before beginning, Ms. Foster, on behalf  of Harold MacQuinn, Inc., asked for chair Holt to recuse himself from this matter. After discussion, it was moved (Fowler/ Tadema-Wielandt) 4 - 1 (Gabel-Richards against) to have Holt chair without voting.


Completeness review for Kittredge Pit, Map 3 Lots 31 & 33. Before beginning, Holt asked applicant why they were making this application. Responded that they wished to keep the currently active section of the pit separate from the application from 2018 for the expanded site.

Review found the application complete with several conditions.

            Update financial letter of credit.

            Update water table numbers.

            Notice of intent to restore lot 31 (#12 restoration requirements)

To be provide within three weeks.

Moved to accept as amended (Fowler/ McMullen) 4 - 1 (Tadema-Wielandt opposed)

Site walk by Board set for August 20 @ 4:30.

Public Hearing set for September 9 @ 6:30 before regular meeting.


Update on Kittredge Pit appeal - intent to appeal to State Supreme Court has been docketed. Timing uncertain.


Ordinance Development:

            SZO - new map with block of text to the right of map. Add note; “ tributary streams may exist in town which require a 75 foot setback. Check the ordinance for definitions. Copies have been sent to the state for comment. Notification to residents of town with the proposed changes.


Next meeting on September 9 following public hearing starting at 6:30 PM


Motion to Adjourn (Fowler/ Tadema-Wielandt) 5 - 0 @ 8:30 PM