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Minutes - October 7, 2019 (Draft, subject to correction)


Board Members Present: John holt, Don Bamman, Perry Fowler, richard McMullen, Chris Tadema-Wielandt, Stewart workman, Steve Gabel-Richards


CEO: Rebecca Albright


Members of the Public Present: Stephen Salsbury, Katie Foster, Edmond Bearor, Carol Korty, Kathie Gaianguest


Call to Order: 7:03 PM


Consideration of Minutes: Moved to accept September minutes (Bamman/Holt) 4 - 0 Fowler abstained as he wasn’t at this meeting.


CEO Reports:

            Permits issued - acknowledged, no discussion.

            Enforcement activities -

                        CEO reported on a property on Cove Road that was over cut in the SZ

                      and had no permit for the driveway.


                        Brief update on an undersized septic system in the Marlboro Beach area.


Review of the Permit Conditions Tracking Report:

            Nothing new in items 1 - 5.

            Item 6, restoration of Portions of the King Pit (Map 7/Lot 3) by PCJ/LLC  - a condition of the current permit is that no excavation may occur until the restoration as described in the conditions of the permit. This restoration has not been completed. Board discussed two options, one is to continue as is with no excavation permitted until work is completed or two, to revoke the current permit. A motion was made (Holt/Tadema-Wielandt) to notify the applicant that revocation of the permit will be on the agenda of the November 4 Board meeting. Passed 5 - 0


Old Business:


Finding of Facts and Decision for Gravel Permit Application, Harold Macquinn, Inc, “Kittredge Pit,” Map 3 / Lots 31 & 33.

            This item began with a discussion of the recusal of Perry Fowler, he recused himself from action on this application last month but would now like to undo that decision. There was a brief discussion, Carol Korty still contended that there was an established financial relationship between Fowler and the applicant. The Board decided to leave the decision up to Fowler who rescinded his recusal.



The finding of facts and decision broke down as follows:

Section          Motion to Accept                                          Vote

A1                   Gabel-Richards/McMullen                         5 - 0

A2                   Fowler/ McMullen                                        5 - 0

A3                   Gabel-Richards/Fowler                               5 - 0

A4                   Tadema-Wielandt/Gabel-Richards           5 - 0

A5                   Tadema-Wielandt/Gabel-Richards           5 - 0

B                     Gabel-Richards/McMullen                         5 - 0

C1                   Tadema-Wielandt/McMullen                      5 - 0

C2                   Gabel-Richards/Fowler                               5 - 0

C3                   Fowler/Gabel-Richards                               5 - 0

C4                   Fowler/McMullen                                         5 - 0

C5                   Fowler/Gabel-Richards                               5 - 0

D1*                 Gabel-Richards                                            4 - 1 (Bamman dissented)

*  There was a lengthy discussion about slopes, particularly near the setback line, and whether or not to require the maintenance of a 2.5:1 slope during excavation. D1 was then modified with a condition that all material used to restore a slope of 2.5:1 must come from within the site.

D1b-e  - N/A

D2                   McMullen/Bamman                                     5 - 0

D3                   McMullen/Gabel-Richards                         5 - 0

E1                   McMullen/Fowler                                         5 - 0

E2                   McMullen/Fowler                                         5 - 0

E3                   Bamman/McMullen                                     5 - 0

E4                   McMullen/Tadema-Wielandt                      5 - 0

E5                   McMullen/Bamman                                     5 - 0

E6                   McMullen/Fowler                                         3 - 1 - 1 (Bamman dissented,

                                                                                                Tadema-Wielandt abstained)

E7                   Fowler/McMullen                                         5 - 0

F                      McMullen/Gabel-Richards                         5 - 0

G                     Gabel-Richards/McMullen                         5 - 0

H1a-d             Gabel-Richards/McMullen                         5 - 0

I - N/A

J                      Fowler/McMullen                                         5 - 0

K                     McMullen/Tadema-Wielandt                      5 - 0

L                      McMullen/Tadema-Wielandt                      4 - 0 (Bamman abstained)

M                     Tadema-Wielandt/McMullen                      5 - 0

N - N/A

Motion was made to accept with the conditions as stated in section D1. (Fowler/Bamman) passed 5 - 0


New Business:

At the start of the new business, a discussion began about the timing of the applications which would inevitably lead to the current permits being expired before new ones could be issued. While it was agreed that the ordinance wording could be clearer as to the timing of permit applications, it was also clear that the applicants had been through this process many times and should be aware of the time needed to process an application. Attorney Bearor was unwilling to acknowledge this point and said that the applications were in on time according to the wording of the ordinance. At this point, a motion was brought forward to adjourn the meeting without completing the agenda. (Bamman/Tadema-Wielandt) It passed 3 - 2 with Holt and Fowler dissenting.


Next Meeting Date: November 4, 2019