Minutes of the Lamoine Planning Board

April 3, 2000



Chairman David Smallidge called the meeting to order at 7:12 PM.

Present were: Planning Board members David Smallidge, Gordon Donaldson (alt.), Mary Ann Orzel, Bob Sharkey (alt.), Perry Fowler; member of the public Joan Bragdon.

Minutes – The Planning Board had not received the minutes from the previous meeting and took no action regarding same.

Discussion of Minutes Distribution Policy – The Planning Board feels the minutes of meetings should be available prior to approval only upon request and marked as a draft, subject to change. Only the approved minutes should be posted on the town’s website.

Minutes content – Mary Ann started a discussion on whether the minutes should be word for word. She said past minutes could play an important role, giving an example that when the store obtained a building permit, the applicants said they would not have gasoline. It was asked if the original notes of the meeting taken by the Secretary are available to the public. The Board felt the notes should be returned as written, verbatim.

Meeting Attendance – It was agreed that if a member missing a meeting, they should not vote on matters unless they have been brought up to speed on previous meetings and information submissions. Members may not discuss matters outside meeting with other board members. Members who have a conflict of interest should abstain, and not vote.

David pointed out the board did its best regarding the hearing on the gasoline tanks. Bob said he felt some of the procedure was unfair. Bob said to fix it the next time:

    1. There should be no discussion among board members outside the meeting
    2. If a member feels they have a conflict of interest, it should be brought up to the board, discussed, and the board decides.
    3. If a member misses a meeting and wants to vote, the member should listen to the tapes, read the minutes of the previous meetings, and get up to speed on the issue.

Mary Ann asked what happened over the gravel extraction permission issued the previous meeting, and noted there were problems. There was no further discussion.

Permit Process – David said the proposed permit process document looks good. Mary Ann said what is on page 10 should be near the beginning, and noted several typos. The questions on whether you need a building permit should be moved from pages 9-to-11 to near the front. Rebecca said it was written up similar to the Town of Hancock.

It was felt the pages in the draft should be put in the following order: 1,2,10,9,11,12,13,7,8,4,5,6. There should be definitions of the SP, RP, LR, LC, and CFMA zones on page 5 just like on page 7. At the beginning should be a disclaimer that it is the landowner’s responsibility to check the ordinances because this document is not an ordinance.

Joan Bragdon asked if everything one needs to know for a building permit is contained in the Land Use Ordinance. It was answered that no, but the land use ordinance can lead one to other ordinances, such as Shoreland, Subdivision, etc.

The Board said it would like to take a month to read the permit process draft before making a final decision on it.

Bob noted that Ellsworth’s Web page allows people to go to the ordinance section and fill out permit applications on line, and it is very informative.

New Business

Mary Ann asked about a new driveway on Shore Road. Rebecca said she know about it, that Tinker Bunker was helping with the permit process of putting in the road.

Mary Ann said the town should come up with an aquifer protection plan. The Board agreed. Joan Bragdon said it was not thought of during the comprehensive planning process, and she’s glad the Planning Board is thinking about it. Rebecca showed the Board the aquifer protection map for Hancock.

Bob had questions regarding hot top on the roads and disposal after it’s ripped up.

Bob asked why the land use review is on the Selectmen’s agenda, and not on the Planning Board agenda.

At 8:18 PM Gordon moved to adjourn. Perry 2nd. The meeting adjourned by acclamation.

Respectfully submitted,



Perry Fowler, Secretary Pro-tem