October 8, 2002

Chairman P. Fowler called the meeting to order at 7:00pm

Board Members Present: J. Bragdon, D. Coleman, G. Donaldson, P. Fowler, M. Garrett, D. Smallidge

Code Enforcement Officer: J. Holdsworth

Members of the Public in Attendance: J. Bennett, B. Berry, P. Frederick, T. Gott, G. Hunt, P. Leonard-Johnson, S. Leonard-Johnson, C. Korty, E. MacMillen, B. Mills, A.. Pettegrow, J. Pettegrow, S. Salsbury,

W. Treadwell, L. Tadema-Wielandt

Minutes – Minutes of the September meeting were accepted as read.

Code Enforcement Officer’s Reports – The reports were accepted and placed on file.


1.       Request for driveway in Shoreland Zone – T. Morrison, Map 8, Lot 5. There being no one on hand to represent Mr. Morrison, the item was not considered.

        2.   Parking expansion in Shoreland Zone – A&J Pettegrow, Map 8, lot 12-2. Having constructed a

       parking lot without a permit in the Shoreland Zone, the petitioners now wish to “reconfigure” the parking     

       lot in a manner such that it’s footprint will not exceed the eighteen percent (their ‘best estimate’) foot                     printed  at the time they purchased the property. Questions about set backs in the Shoreland Zone and             in relation to abutters abound. Upon motion of  G.Donaldson, seconded by D. Smallidge, the applicants            were requested to return to the Board with a  complete application. The motion carried 4 in favor with P.                Fowler abstaining The consent agreement was reviewed without comment.

        The Board set a site visit for 10:00am on Saturday, October 19th. Participants will meet at the site.

3.        Subdivision Completeness Review – J.A.Davis, Map 4, Lot 41.  There being no one present to

       represent Mr. Davis, the matter was not considered.


1.           Request for clarification of road frontage requirements – S&P Leonard-Johnson. Map 1, Lot 6

        This lot has road frontage of 392 feet. The Building and Land Use Ordinance calls for a minimum of

         200 feet of road frontage per lot, creating, if subdivided, either one or two non-conforming                       lots.  While a proposal to allow such non-conformity provided structures located on it are set back at

          least 200 feet from the road, the present ordinance allows for no such exception. However, the

          Board determined that if an access road were put in the middle of the lot, frontage on the access

          road would suffice to meet the ordinance’s requirement. No further action was necessary. No further

          action was taken.

2.             Request for Septic in Shoreland Zone – W&L Treadwell. Map 7, Lot 31-1 D Coleman moved and

           G. Donaldson seconded a motion to approve the permit. The vote was unanimous.

3.           Request for clarification of Gravel Pit Permit expiration – Gott/Town of Lamoine. Map 1, lot 58

         The Board opines it’s decision to batch several gravel pits together for purposes of a Site Plan Review

          means also these pits would be as one for gravel permit issuance.

4.           Request for Septic in Shoreland Zone – T&E Belch. Map 4, Lot 46-6.  D. Coleman moved and M.

         Garrett seconded a unanimous motion to approve the request.

5.           Request of T&E Belch to file a revised subdivision plan. Map 3, Lot 39. A property line between two lots of this subdivision was moved approximately twenty feet to allow one of the lots additional

         shore frontage. G. Donaldson moved and J. Bragdon seconded a motion to approve the request.

        The motion was unanimously passed. The revised plan was duly signed.

6.           Request for Septic in Shoreland Zone – C.D. Tadema-Wielandt. Map 4, Lot 46-7. Request was

         unanimously passed, having been offered by G. Donaldson and seconded by D. Smallidge.

7.           Request for Septic in Shoreland Zone – G&C Donaldson. Map 21, Lot 6-1. D. Smallidge moved

        and P. Fowler seconded a unanimous vote to approve the request.


        The Planning Board scheduled a workshop to discuss revisions to the Building and Land Use Ordinance. The workshop is to be at 7:00pm on Tuesday, November 19th at the Town Hall. While the Board recognizes the need for a Floodplain Management Ordinance, it is reluctant to present more than one ordinance at the Town Meeting and will likely defer action on this one until after that time.


          The Board requests that Stu Markcoon provide for the Planning Board, a copy (one each) of the following maps:




          As these maps are essential to our deliberations, we request that in addition to providing the maps, a place be set aside to secure them for our exclusive use at Planning Board Meetings.

     The Board adjourned at 9:00pm.


Saturday, October 19, 2002 -  Site visit to the Pettigrew property at the end of Seal Point Road. Attendees are to assemble on the property at 10:00am

Tuesday, November 12, 2002 – The November monthly meeting of the Planning Board. 7:00pm. Town Hall.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002 – Building and Land Use Ordinance Workshop. 7:00pm at Town Hall.