July 2, 2002

Chairman D. Coleman called the meeting to order at 7:00pm

Board Members Present: J. Bragdon, D. Coleman, G. Donaldson, P. Fowler, M. Garrett, M.A.Orzel,

     D. Smalledge

CEO: John Holdsworth

Members of the Public in Attendance: A. Belch, E. Belch, B.Boland, P. Crabtree, A. Aubrey, B. Aubrey

     P. Downey, T. Gott, M. Keene, P.McDevitt, R. McDevitt, B. Mills, S. Salsbury, P. Wallace

Election of Officers: Perry Fowler was elected Chairman. Doug Coleman was elected Vice Chairman.

     Michael Garrett was elected Secretary. All three votes were unanimous.

Minutes – The Minutes of two meetings – June 4, 2002 and June 18, 2002 were accepted as presented.

Code Enforcement Officer’s Reports –  reports were accepted and placed on file.


Saltwater Farm Subdivision, Map 4, Lot 46.  P. Downey reported an adjustment to the subdivision plan. To minimize wetlands’ impact, the DEP requested that a sixty four foot long stretch of the road adjacent to the Cul de Sac be widened to seventy feet. G. Donaldson moved and M.A. Orzel seconded a motion to accept the revision. A unanimous vote followed.


1.       Request of P.McDevitt to extend the duration of a building permit – Map 1, Lot 13. G. Donaldson moved, D. Coleman seconded a motion to grant the extension. The vote was unanimous.

2.       Subdivision Question raised by J. Aubrey Davis, Map 4, Lot 41. Mr. Davis’ question

     to the Board was: “Can a second lot be subdivided and sold within a five year period without having to

     trigger a Town Ordinance required subdivision process.” The Board’s response is that the subdivision

     procedures must be followed. To expedite his request, the Board undertook a review of the pre

     application criteria. On motion of G. Donaldson seconded by M.A. Orzel, the pre application will be

      deemed complete when these listed conditions are met. A. Davis must submit to the Board a

a)       Map of the Lot Number.

b)       Map of the entire property

c)       A Mylar

     This item is to be scheduled for a public hearing at the Board’s August 6, 2002 meeting.

     CEO John Holdsworth asked that the official record of this meeting record his belief the Planning

     Board’s action on this matter is contrary to the land use laws of the State of Maine.

3. Gravel Extraction Permit – Gott/Neleski – Map 1, Lot 70. M.A.Orzel moved and D.Coleman seconded

     a motion to accept the application as complete upon receipt of two items. The motion passed. The items are:

a)       T. Gott is to make certain the most recent Cole water report is on file with the Town of Lamoine

b)       A map of the entire property. – sans color.

     This item is scheduled for a public hearing at the August 6, 2002 meeting of the Board.

3.       Subdivision Preliminary Presentation – P.Downey/T.Belch – Map 3, Lot 39. Messrs Downey and

Belch presented a preliminary subdivision plan to the Board. Formal application will ensue.


1. P. Wallace, representing the Conservation Commission, indicated a member of the Commission would likely be present at all Planning Board meetings – ready to assist the Planning Board is areas of mutual overlap. By consensus, the Board recommends that an item entitled “Conservation Commission” be listed on every Board agenda, said item to be placed after the CEO reports and before Old Business

2. The revised ‘Construction Permit” application was discussed and several modifications recommended.

J. Holdsworth has those modifications.

3. The ‘check lists’ for preliminary staff review appear to be complete and well done.

     Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm

                                                                                         Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                         Michael F. Garrett, Secretary.

NEXT MEETING- Tuesday, August 6, 2002 – 7:00pm. Town Hall