April 2, 2002

Vice Chairman P. Fowler called the meeting to order at 7:02pm.

Board Members Present: G. Donaldson, P. Fowler, M. Garrett, P. Fowler, M. A. Orzel, D Smallidge,

CEO & Deputy CEO: J. Holdsworth, J. Larson

Members of the Public in Attendance: J. Anthony, D. Briggs, S. Cowles, M. Davis, B. Fennelly, D. Fennelly, Jr.,

            M. Fennelly ,R. Fennelly, Sr., A. Herrick, D. Herrick, Sr., J. Herrick, S. Joy, J.McIntosh, S. Salsbury,

            J. Tower, L. Tscheiller, S. Workman, J. Wuorinen, S. Wuorinen.

Minutes – Minutes of the March 4, 2002 meeting were accepted as presented.

Code Enforcement Officer’s Report – The Board discussed whether there was a need for a permit to convert an open deck to a screened porch. The Board opined no permit is required. Code Enforcement Officer’s reports were accepted and placed on file.


Site Plan Review Applications – JW Goodwin, Jr. Map 1, Lot 75; Map 4, Lot 41-1).  Following a brief discussion, G. Donaldson moved and D. Smallidge seconded a motion to table the application until the Gott appeal has been resolved and until a determination is made whether, because these pits pre date the Site Plan Review Ordinance, they are subject to it.

  1. Correspondence from the Maine Department of Conservation re: Lamoine State Park Project. In response to a letter dated March 6, 2002 from George F. Powell, Director of the State of Maine Department of Conservation, the Planning Board, upon motion made by G. Donaldson, seconded by D. Smallidge unanimously voted to request S. Marckoon to write a letter of response. The letter should contain the following:

    1. Mr. Powell asks: “Does this mean the Planning Board is unwilling to consider arguments for reducing the setback to no less than 50 feet?”  That the Board is “willing to discuss” this issue should be conveyed to Mr. Powell.
    2. The letter should instruct Mr. Powell that he needs to file for a Site Plan Review’Shoreland Zoning permit to which a number (seven) of conditions were attached at the Board’s February meeting. (Copy of the February minutes attached.)


  1. Commercial Building – Doug Gott & Sons – Map 3, Lot 6 – M. Garrett moved and M.A. Orzel seconded a  unanimously passed motion to grant a permit with one condition. The concrete floor is to be constructed so it pitches to the center of the building floor from all sides.

HOWEVER! Prior to the meeting’s adjournment, the Deputy CEO pointed out to the Board that the permit

seeks not just a 2000 square foot addition, but the attachment to it of an existing 336 square foot building   

to be moved from its present location. Any structure exceeding 2,000 square feet necessitates a Site Plan

Review permit, rendering moot the initial vote of the Board. The Board unanimously voted to instruct the

CEO to notify Gott & Sons that  they need either to modify the proposal to conform to a “no more than 2000

square foot” standard, or seek a Site Plan Review permit.

  1. Request from S. Joy for a waiver of road width on the Saltwater Farm Subdivision – The request

called upon the Board to allow construction of a 20 wide road in the subdivision rather than a 34-foot width road stated in the ordinance. G. Donaldson moved and M. Garrett seconded a motion to grant the waiver. The vote was four in favor and one abstention.


1.        Change of Use Permit – Stewart Workman – Map 20, Lot 10 – D. Smallidge moved to allow S. Workman’s change of use permit for a home occupation. The Board made clear to S. Workman that any expansion of the current operation will require a commercial use permit. M.A. Orzel seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

2.        Gravel Permit Request – William Miro – Map 3, Lot 31. Mr. Miro withdrew his permit request and asked that it be placed on file.

3.        Request for Septic Permit Approval – R. McGlinchey – Map 12, Lot 29. Upon assurance the CEO finds the permit satisfactory, it was approved. G. Donaldson moved and D. Smalledge seconded a unanimously passed motion.


          The Appeals Board will meet at 7:00pm on April 16th to establish procedures for the so-called ‘Gott Appeal” The Gott appeal is scheduled to be heard beginning at 7:00pm on April 23rd.


1         The Planning Board received the revised Site Plan Review fees from the Selectmen and will incorporate those fees into the Site Plan Review Ordinance.

2         The Planning Board will hold a workshop on April 17th in the Town Hall at 7:00pm. The purpose of the

Workshop will be to discuss ways to “streamline” the operation of the Board and to define what project(s) the Board will undertake for this post Town Meeting year.


1.       By unanimous vote, the Board enthusiastically endorsed the well survey prepared by M.A.Orzel and encouraged her to proceed.

2.       In response to the Selectmens’ call for a joint meeting with the Planning Board and Conservation

Commission, the Board suggests one of two dates – May 2nd or May 16th. If these dates are not amenable

to the Selectmen, we suggest they schedule a date.

The meeting adjourned at 9:10pm.



                                                                                                            Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                            Michael F. Garrett