JULY 10, 2001


Chairman Doug Coleman called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

Planning Board Members Present: D. Coleman, J. Bragdon, G. Donaldson, P. Fowler and M. Garrett. J. Holdsworth, ex officio.

Public in Attendance. L. Tscheiller, J. Wuorinen, S. Wuorinen and D. Barbieri

1. Election of Officers. Doug Coleman was unanimously elected to serve as Chairman. Perry Fowler was unanimously elected to serve as Vice-Chairman. Michael Garrett was unanimously elected to serve as Secretary.

2. Minutes of June 5, 2001. Two amendments were voted upon by the Board. One was to delete the last sentence (the sentence reading: "It was felt that it was better left to the consideration of the permit.") of the fourth paragraph, Page 1. The second was to ask S. Marckoon to "clarify" the last sentence of paragraph two on page two of the June 5th minutes. Specifically, the Board would like to know what is meant by "the grading price" contained in that sentence.

The minutes were approved as amended.

3. Code Enforcement Officer's Report. J. Holdsworth received two complaints about dumped debris. In one case, the dumping occurred on the owner's property over which the Board believes it has no control.

In the other, citations will be issued -- one to the party that transported the debris; the other to the party who received it.

4. Subdivision Application. Michael Woodward was not present to address the Board regarding Susan Stuwe's subdivision application. Further, all parties agree that an on site inspection be conducted by the Board prior to submission of the application. Tentatively, the Board scheduled a site visit for 8:00am on Saturday, July 21st. All are to assemble at theLamoine Town Hall at 8:00am. If this time is not acceptable to the applicants, S Marckoon will notify Planning Board members and an attempt will be made to reschedule the visit.

Assuming a site visit in July, the tentative time line for the application would be for submission at the August 7th meeting and a public hearing at the September meeting of the Board.

5. Building Permit Request of D. Haft. A discussion prior to permit submission was held. No decision was reached. The Board awaits the actual application.

6. Workshop. A "workshop" to further refine the Building and Land Use Code is scheduled for 7:00pm on July 24th.

7. Gravel Pit Site Visits. Susan Wuorinen introduced a letter from Mark Stebbins, Mining Coordinator, Division of Land Resource Regulation. A discussion about the relationship of state and town gravel pit oversight ensued. Pursuant to that discussion the following motion was made and favorably voted upon with unanimity. "Following submission of gravel pit renewal permits, a site visit will be conducted by members of the Planning Board."

8. Gravel Pit Ordinance Compliance. A motion was made by D. Coleman, seconded by J. Bragdon and favored by four of five Board members to instruct the Code Enforcement Officer to request of all active gravel pit owners, submission of the information required by Section 1 (page 10) of the Town of Lamoine Gravel Ordinance.

9. August Meeting. The August meeting of the Planning Board will be at 7:00pm on August 7, 2001.

10. Adjournment. G. Donaldson moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:32pm. The motion, seconded by P. Fowler, was gratefully and unanimously accepted.

                                        Submitted by,
                                        Michael F. Garrett, Secretary