November 4, 2003

Approved 12/2/03


G. Donaldson called the informational meeting to order at 6:35pm. C. Korty asked a number of questions, the only member of the public to do so. The informational meeting was declared closed at 6:55pm.


Chairman P. Fowler called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

Board Members Present: S. Branch, G. Donaldson, P. Fowler, M. Garrett, L. Haft

Code Enforcement Officer: J. Holdsworth


Members of the Public in Attendance: R. Alvarez, E. Bearor, D. Becker, A. Belch, E. Belch, K. Berry,   B. Bolin, G. Ford, P. Frederick, M. Harriman, G. Hunt, D. King, C. Korty, B. Levesque, A. Pettegrow  J. Pettegrow, B. Pinkham, T. Towne, B. Walker, J. Wuorinen

Minutes:  Minutes of the October 7, 2003 meeting were accepted as presented.

Code Enforcement Officer’s Reports: The reports were accepted and placed on file.

Conservation Commission:  C. Korty reported that the Conservation Commission is assembling information about building and related permit fees from various sources. When assembled, they will present their findings to the Planning Board. She also asked at what point the Board might consider the draft of a Gravel Ordinance, drawn by the Commission and presented to the Board several months ago. The Board will schedule a workshop for consideration of this ordinance sometime after the Town Meeting on November 19, 2003.


1.   Public Hearing on proposed “Pine Grove Estates” subdivision, R. Simons/M. Harriman, Map 7(Lot 4, 4-4). R. King raised the question: Does the “common septic layout” proposed for this project require approval by the State of Maine? He believes that it does. The hearing was closed at 7:22pm.

2.    Act on the Review Criteria Findings for “Pine Grove Estates” subdivision, R. Simons/M. Harriman, Map 7, Lot 4, 4-4. G. Donaldson made a motion, seconded by M. Garrett,to approve the project subject to the conditions here listed. The vote was 5 – 0 in favor of passage. The conditions are:

a)       In the “Notes” appearing on the upper left corner of the map, the word “probably” will bestricken from Note #5.

b)       Conditions and Restrictions: The map needs clearly to reflect that the Board takes no responsibility for conditions one through three (no mobile homes, no “junk” and a building completion period of one year). The map needs also to reflect that condition #4 (requiring the use of the common septic systems before seeking a permit for a septic system on site)     exists at the request of the Board.

c)       The official map is not to be registered until the developer provides “verification, in writing by the state of Maine,. that the septic placement design of the project meets state criteria.”

3.       Completeness Review – Shoreland Zoning & Floodplain application from A&J Pettegrow, Map 8, Lot 12-2. With a single condition attached, G. Donaldson moved and L. Haft seconded   a motion to approve the application as complete. The condition is:

a)    On page 2 of the application, the applicant is to provide the “distance from the normal high water line to the edge of “existing” gravel AND to the edge of gravel ‘to be added’” (i.e. gravel already in place as a result of constructing the parking prior to permitted approval.)

G. Hunt requested that the Board of Appeals decision of April 4, 2003 be added as a part of the application record. The Board will insert a copy of that decision into the record.

G. Hunt also stated that the existing lobster pound operation is an expansion of use and, therefore, requires an “expansion of use” permit. Since this is not related to an application completeness review, the Board will consider the point in it deliberations following a public hearing.

The Board scheduled a public hearing for its December 2, 2003 meeting at 7:00pm.

4.       Shoreland Zoning Application – S. Gardner, Map 14, Lot 8. W. Walker submitted to the Board a single copy of an application. Lacking submission of an application prior to a two week in advance requirement and lacking sufficient copies for members of the Board, the issue is tabled until the Board’s December 2, 2003 meeting.


1.          Comment on the Great Eastern Mussel Farm Application to the Department of Marine Resources. After some discussion with W. Pinkham, the Lamoine Harbor Master, the Board decided to offer no comment.


2.          Septic System in Shoreland Zone Requests from E. Belch.  With J. Holdsworth’s assurancethe systems are properly designed, G. Donaldson moved and S. Branch seconded a motionto grant the requests.


3.    Budget.: Having great faith in the managerial recommendation of the Town Administrator, the Board unanimously consented  to a budget of $1,150.00 for the 2004-05 budget year.

            The meeting was adjourned at 9:10pm

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                                Michael F. Garrett, Secretary



November 13, 2003. An appeal of our Pettegrow decision of September 15th will be heard by the Appeal’s Board at the Town Hall at 6:30


November 19, 2003. A Special Town Meeting at the Lamoine School beginning at 7:00pm. Proposed changes to the Building and Land Use and Floodplain Ordinances will be voted upon.


December 2, 2003. The December meeting of the Planning Board at the Town Hall at 7:00pm