May 6, 2003

Chairman Fowler called the meeting to order at 7:00pm

Board Members Present – D. Coleman, G. Donaldson, P. Fowler, M. Garrett, M.A.Orzel, D. Smallidge
Code Enforcement Officer – J. Holdsworth
Members of the Public in Attendance: R. Alvarez, J. Barnes, T. Benson, B. Berry, J.Bragdon, D. Covey,
W. Covey, N. DeChar, G. Ford, J. Fowler, T. Gott, M. Havey, R. Houston, S. Howell, G. Jordan,
R. King, A. Ludwig, R. McDevitt, H. Nickerson, J. Pettegrow, J. Ploszaj, T. Ring, S. Salsbury,
J. Wuorinen, S. Wuorinen

Minutes – Minutes of the April 8, 2003 meeting were approved as presented.
Code Enforcement Officer’s Reports: The reports were accepted and placed on file.
Conservation Commission – S. Wuorinen reported that Parks and Forestry ordinances are being
drafted; a gravel ordinance is in progress; and a representative from the Nature Conservancy will
address the Commission on May 14th. The public is invited.


1. Public Hearing & Action re: T.Ring/T. Benson subdivision. Map 5, Lot 14.

A. Public Hearing. W. Covey and others expressed concern about the number of wells being added in the area. Upon motion of M. Garrett, seconded by G. Donaldson, the public hearing was closed.
B. Action: G. Donaldson moved and M. Garrett seconded a motion to approve the subdivision.
The vote was unanimous.

2. Resume Public Hearing & Possible Action re: Site Plan Review, Gott Stump grinding proposal, Map 4, Lot 16.

A. Public Hearing. Doug Jones and others expressed concern about the impact of this operation on the quality and quantity of water available to the Cold Spring Water Company. A. Ludwig questioned how much debris would be stored and for how long. A representative of Cole Engineering stated the “pad” would consist of two feet of relatively impervious glacial fill. Planning Board member David Smallidge recommended that a cement pad be required.
B. Action. G. Donaldson moved and M. Garrett seconded a motion to approve a permit for a stump grinding operation. The motion was unanimously rejected. Issues remaining to be addressed are:

(1). The proximity of the proposed operation to the Cold Spring Water Company’s source of water raises the question of whether water might be contaminated by leaching from stored materials. Lacking sufficient hydrological information, the Board requests T. Gott to provide a hydrological study of the area to the Board
(2). The grinding machine is to be set in place for a “demonstration” of use and noise. J. Holdsworth will be present at the ‘test’ and will inform the Board of his observations and conclusions.
(3) The gate to the property is, according to Ordinance, to be locked. A key will be provided to the Fire Department for emergency access.
(4) The Board is to determine if the whole of Map 4, Lot 16 is permitted for gravel extraction. If it is, a stumping operation is prohibited.
(5) The Board will seek clarification to determine if this proposal constitutes ‘commercial’ or ‘industrial’ use and if the determined use is permitted in this (RAZ) zone.
(6) The Board is to determine if Town Ordinances permit it to limit debris processed on the site to be restricted to debris gathered solely in the Town of Lamoine.


1. Revised Lot Line – Jordan’s Bluff Subdivision. S.Stuwe/T.Benson. G. Donaldson moved to permit the revision. M. Garrett seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

2. Request of Joel Ploszaj to build a driveway and parking pad in the Shoreland Zone – Map 14, Lot 17 In discussion, J. Holdsworth determined the proposal does not fall within the Shoreland Zone and is, therefore, not subject to its review requirements.

3. Subdivision Pre-Application, M.Harriman/R.King, Map 7, Lot 4-1. G. Donaldson moved to accept the pre-application as complete. M. Garrett seconded. The motion passed unanimously. R. King will present a full application in June at which time an on site visit will be scheduled..

4. Gravel Permit Renewal, J. Fowler/G. Jordan, Map 7, Lot 16. D. Coleman moved to accept the application as complete with these listed conditions. D. Smallidge seconded the motion. It passed unanimously. P. Fowler was excused from participation.

(a) J. Fowler will present a more detailed restoration plan, including a time frame.
(b) J. Fowler will submit a written statement containing the amount of gravel extracted during the previous year.
(c) When visiting the site a determination will be made about obtaining a more detailed showing of contour lines.

A site visit is scheduled for Sunday, May 18, 2003. Planning Board members will assemble at the Town Hall at 8:30am.


The Board unanimously recognized and applauded service rendered to the Board by retiring member, Joan Bragdon. Thank you, Joan.

The Board adjourned at 9:42pm


Thursday, May 15th Joint meeting with Selectmen and Assessors. 7:00pm. Town Hall.
Sunday, May 18th Site visit. P.Fowler/G.Jordan Gravel Pit. Assemble at Town Hall at 8:30am
Monday, June 2nd Monthly Planning Board Meeting. 7:00pm. Town Hall

Respectively submitted

Michael F. Garrett