January 7, 2003

Chairman P. Fowler called the meeting to order at 7:01pm

Board Members Present- J. Bragdon, D. Coleman, G. Donaldson, P. Fowler, M. Garrett, M.A.Orzel

Code Enforcement Officer – J. Holdsworth

Members of the Public in Attendance – R. Alvarez, J. Bennett, B. Berry, D. Briggs, Merrill Davis, Mildred Davis

            R. Dumont, Georgia Ford, Gerald Ford, P. Frederick, J. Jerabek, Alfred Pettegrow, Anthony Pettegrow

            J. Pettegrow, M. Pettegrow, S. Salsbury, K. Smith, J. Wuorinen

Minutes - The “corrected” minutes of the December 3, 2002 meeting were accepted as presented.

Code Enforcement Officer’s Report - The report was accepted and placed on file.

Conservation Commission -  R. Dumont was present to represent the Conservation Commission. She reported

            the Commission is working to establish guidelines for gravel pit restoration.


  1. Letters from P. Frederick and M. Langlois re: Seal Point Lobster Pound. The Board of Appeals met on Monday, January 6, 2003 to consider an appeal by P. Frederick and R. Alvarez of a parking lot permit

      Issued by the Planning Board to Seal Point Lobster Pound. Their decision is expected in about two

      weeks. Since that decision could involve instructions to the Planning Board, the Board voted unanimously    to table consideration of this item until the Appeals Board has rendered their decision.

  1. Issuance of Gravel Permit to Harold MacQuinn, Inc. (Map 3, Lot 33) The Board was concerned that

      no one representing MacQuinn, Inc. was present at the meeting to answer questions. Further, the Board

      stipulates that since Walls is no longer an owning abutter, the map submitted needs to be amended to

      contain the name of the new abutter. The Board voted to table this issue for the aforementioned reasons.

  1. Home Occupation Permit – Tony Belch (Map 3, Lot 39). While the Board appreciates the fact the

      Belchs’ indicated in advance of the meeting they could not be present, the Board is reluctant to act until

      More information is provided – preferably in writing. Specifically, these questions need to be addressed:

a)       What is the nature of the business to be conducted?

b)       What will be the daily frequency of traffic on the road generated by this operation?

c)       Is it the intention of the owners to post one or more signs?

d)       Is there a need to provide parking spaces for potential visitors to the office?

     G. Donaldsdon moved and J. Bragdon seconded a motion to table this item until these questions are


  1. Stump grinding operation – Doug Gott & Sons, Inc (Map 4, Lot 16) A motion to accept the Site Plan

      review as complete was defeated 3 to 2. (P. Fowler abstained.) A lengthy discussion followed. The   proposed location for stump storage and grinding sits on top of the aquifer at a point where the water             table is relatively high. The Cold Springs water company operates nearby. Concern for water purity        is tantamount. In order to accept a Site Review Application as complete the Board requires the following       of the applicant.

      a) Submit a letter on official letterhead stating that the area proposed for stumping will never be

          subject to gravel extraction. Further, the letter needs to stipulate vegetative restoration of this piece of                      land cannot and will not be used to offset restoration requirements for any other gravel pit or portion

          thereof requiring vegetation.

b)       Site Plan Review Ordinance, Section I, 6a (pg.9). A high intensity soils report prepared by a soil scientist certified in the State of Maine.

c)       Site Plan Review Ordinance, Section I, 6b (pg.10). A storm water management and erosion control

      plan as specified in the ordinance. The Board’s primary concern is the effect heavy equipment will                      have on wet soils and the result of this impact on surface and groundwater.