March 11, 2003

Chairman P. Fowler called the meeting to order at 7:00pm

Board Members Present: J. Bragdon, D. Coleman, G. Donaldson, P. Fowler, M. Garrett

Deputy Code Enforcement Officer: J. Larsen

Members of the Public in Attendance – R. Alvarez, B. Berry, P. Frederick, T. Gott, G. Hart, M. Harriman,

       S. Howell, J. Jerabek, C. Korty, P. MacQuinn, B. Mills, H. Nickerson, Alfred Pettegrow, Anthony

       Pettegrow, J. Pettegrow, M. Pettegrow, T. Ring, C.D.Tadema-Wielandt, L. Tadema-Wielandt,

       R. Whitney, R. Whitney

Minutes – Minutes of the February 4, 2003 meeting were accepted as read.

Code Enforcement Officer’s Reports – The reports were accepted and placed on file

Conservation Commission. No representative was present.


1.       Gravel Permit – H. Macquinn, Inc. Map 3, Lot 33. G. Donaldson moved and D. Coleman seconded a

       motion to grant final approval and authorize the permit. The vote was unanimous.

2.       Gravel Permit – R.J.King, Inc. Map 7, Lot 3-2. The application was first deemed complete. G.

       Donaldson then moved, seconded by J. Bragdon, that final approval be conditioned on the two listed        items and that the permit be issued following satisfaction of the conditions. The vote was unanimous. Mr. King is to submit a written statement containing his acceptance of these two conditions:

a.       With notification to the owner or designee, the CEO and/or the Deputy CEO alone or with one or more members of the Planning Board may visit the site upon request.

b.       Monitoring wells will be checked in April and November of each year.

3.       Stump Grinding Request – T. Gott - Map 4, Lot 16. G. Donaldson moved, D. Coleman seconded a

       motion to accept the application as complete when two listed conditions are met. A unanimous vote

       followed. The conditions are:

a.       A written statement indicating the hours of operation will be restricted to Mondays through Saturdays, from  7:00am to 5:00pm.


b.       There being some question whether or not the permit fee has been paid, T. Gott will ensure it either

       has or will be paid.

A public hearing on this issue will be held at the April 8th meeting of the Planning Board.

4.       Subdivision Pre-Application. T. Benson/R. Ring - Map 5, Lot 14. The pre-application was deemed to

       be complete. An on site visit is scheduled for Sunday, April 6th.. Planning Board members will meet at the        Town Hall at 8:00am

5.       Site Plan Review Application – A & J Pettegrow – Map 8, Lot 12-2. A unanimous vote followed a

       motion by D. Coleman, seconded by M. Garrett, to table this item until April 8th. Mr. Mills, attorney for

       the Pettegrows asked the record to show that while directed by the Board of Appeals to file a Site

       Plan Review and a Shoreland Ordinance review, he does not believe the Site Plan review is necessary.

       (No mention was made of a Shoreland Ordinance review nor was any application for one submitted.)

6.       Subdivision Pre Application – R. Simons – Map 7, Lot 4 and 4-4. The pre-application is complete.

       A site visit is scheduled for Sunday, April 6, 2003. Planning Board members will meet at the site at



1.         Subdivision Pre Application Form – The newly developed form is acknowledged as a useful tool

       in our ever growing arsenal of useful tools.

2.         Planning Board Budget Expenditures -  The Board is aware that, with assistance from the

       Board of Appeals, we exceeded our budget for the current fiscal year.

3.         Well Survey Update – M.A. Orzel was not present to provide an update of her considerable effort.


       At our April 8, 2003 meeting, the Pettegrow issue will be a contentious one. The Planning Board        unanimously requests that the Board of Selectmen authorize the presence of the Town Attorney at that meeting to protect the interests of the Town in a way we ‘lay’ folks are not trained to do.


       Given the outcome of voting on proposed changes to the Building and Land Use Ordinance, the Board recognizes that the contentious issue of the Aquifer Zone doomed many other worthwhile changes contained in the ‘new’ ordinance. We also recognize the potential harm to the community of having defeated the Flood Plain Ordinance.

       It is our recommendation that the Board of Selectmen schedule a special Town Meeting, possibly in June as was done last year. If the Selectmen concur, we will delete the Aquifer Zone from proposed changes. We believe the Flood Plain Ordinance also should be slated for a vote at this time. Once a special meeting is set, we will meet in a workshop to ‘redesign” the Building and Land Use Ordinance. We anticipate inviting members of the Conservation Commission to this workshop.

       The meeting adjourned at 8:48pm



Sunday, April 6, 2003            An on site visit to Map 5, Lot 4 – the proposed T.Benson/R.Ring subdivision.                                  Planning Board members will assemble at the Town Hall at 8:00am

Sunday, April 6, 2003       An on site visit to Map 7, Lots 4 & 4-4 – the proposed R. Simons subdivision.

                                 Planning Board members will meet on the site at 9:30am

Tuesday, April 8, 2003       The monthly meeting of the Planning Board at the Town Hall, 7:00pm.      

                                                                       Respectfully submitted,

                                                                       Michael F. Garrett, Secretary


(Approved as presented April 8, 2003)