January 27, 2004

P. Fowler call the meeting to order at 7:00pm

Board Members Present: S. Branch, G. Donaldson, P. Fowler, M. Garrett, L. Haft, B. Jones; Code Enforcement Officer: John Holdsworth, Members of the Public in Attendance: R. Alvarez, E. Bearor, D. Becker, B. Berry, K. Berry, Merrill Davis, Mildred Davis, P. Fredericks, G. Hunt, A. Pettegrow, J. Pettegrow, J. Wourinen

Minutes: Minutes of the January 6, 2004 meeting were accepted as presented.


  1. Formal adoption of findings of fact re: September 15, 2003 Site Plan Review Permit, Map 8, Lot 12-2. S. Branch moved and L. Haft seconded a motion to accept as written the Site Plan Review findings of fact regarding the Pettegrow request for an “after the fact” parking lot permit. The vote was unanimous.
  2. Findings and Decision – Shoreland Zoning Application by A & J Pettegrow Map 8, Lot 12-2. After lengthy discussion and debate, the Board voted to approve the Shoreland Zoning application for a parking lot permit. The vote was 3 in favor (S. Branch, M. Garrett, L. Haft); 1 opposed (G. Donaldson); and 1abstention (P. Fowler). The Secretary is to draft the formal findings for presentation to the Board at its February 3, 2004 meeting.


Building Fees: The Planning Board unanimously holds that the need for more Code Enforcement availability necessitates and justifies a significant increase in the fee amount for subdivision permits. The Board is not interested (at this point) in curtailing growth in Lamoine. It is very concerned that the Town lacks adequate capacity to supervise and enforce existing ordinances. The Board sees a sub-division application fee of up to $1,000 and a fee of up to $1,000 per subdivision lot as being reasonable – especially when considering the selling price of lots recently marketed.

The Board urges the Selectmen to consider this issue and raise fees in time for them to be incorporated into the Building and Land Use changes proposed for a vote at Town Meeting on March 3, 2004

The Board adjourned at 9:15pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michael F. Garrett, Secretary