Town of Lamoine, Maine
Town Hall
Fire Department

October 27, 2004
Approved November 8, 2004


Chairman Donaldson called the Public Hearing portion of the meeting to order at 6:30pm

1. Proposal for Subdivision – Marlboro Mist II, Sarjoy, Inc. Map 4, Lot 36. M. Harriman presented an overview of the proposal. No members of the public stood to address the project. Planning Board members had several questions. M. Havey wondered whether, if S. Joy is going to build houses on this lot, a note to the effect should be placed on the official plan. S. Branch questioned the dimensions of the road – an issue to be discussed during the Baord’s meeting after the hearing is closed. S. Branch also questioned the amount of buildable land on Lot 5.

M. Garrett moved to close the hearing at 6:46pm. M. Havey seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

2. Application fo Site Plan Review – Harold MacQuinn, Inc. Map 3, Lot 31, Expansion of a Gravel Pit. Chairman Donaldson opened this hearing at 6:47pm. R. MacQuinn reviewed the scope of the project. J. Holt, a user of Cold Spring Water Company water expressed a concern about a possible impact of the pit expansion on the quantity and quality of water available to the Cold Spring Water Co. He acknowledged having no empirical evidence to support his concern but wished to make it a matter of record. He also remarked about the “aesthetics” of gravel mining.

R. MacQuinn and L. Champeon responded to audience concerns. J. Wourinen and C. Korty reminded the Board of the Freshwater Initiative, suggesting perhaps the Board should withhold permit approval until the results of the study are made public.

M. Garrett moved to close the hearing. S. Branch seconded the motiong. The hearing was closed at 7:25pm.

Chairman Donaldson called the Planning Board meeting to order at 7: 30 pm.
Board Members Present: S. Branch, G. Donaldson, M. Garrett, L. Haft, M. Havey, B. Jones, C. Ohmart
Members of the Public in Attendance: E. Bearor, A. Burman, L. Champeon, K. DeFusco, M. Googins,
S. Googins, M. Harriman, J. Holt, S. Joy, C. Korty, J. Levitt, P. MacQuinn, R. MacQuinn, J. Wourinen.


1. Proposal for Subdivision – Marlboro Mist II by SARJOY, Inc. Map 4, Lot 36. Considerable time was spent discussing the width of streets within the subdivision. The plan calls for road widths to be two (2) nine (9) foot travel lanes and two (2) two (2) foot shoulders. The Board’s dilemma is the possible inconsistency of accepted road widths in previous subdivisions. The Board reached two decisions regarding the issue, the second of which is to be a “condition” attached to permit approval.

The first decision calls for a compiling of all Board approved road widths for subdivision permits granted in the year 2004. The Code Enforcement Officer will be asked to compile this list for consideration at our next meeting.

The second decision and a condition for permit approval is that the developer agree to adjust road widths to the Board’s specifications after considering subdivision road widths previously approved this calendar (2004) year.

M. Garrett moved the grant the requested permit with the listed condition. L. Haft seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous

2. Application for Site Plan Review – Harold MacQuinn, Inc. Map 3, Lot 31,
Expansion of a Gravel Pit. All except one of the Site Plan Review criteria received either the unanimous concurrence of the Board or was deemed not to be applicable to the project. On item #10 – Groundwater Protection – two members felt the application sufficiently addresses this item; three members did not.

In dissenting, three members of the Board hold there is insufficient evidence to assure preservation of water quality and quantity to the nearby Cold Spring Water Company’s groundwater resource area during the life span of the permit requested. The dissenters, too, note that the Freshwater Initiative – a study being conducted by the George Mitchell Center for Environmental and Watershed Research – could provide information useful to making decisions about water quality and quantity in the area of proposed pit expansion.

Following a vote on the Review Criteria, the Board engaged in a lengthy discussion prior to voting for permit approval. This discussion yielded two points worth recording.

a. There is Board consensus that the Site Plan permit, once granted, is good for the life of the proposed project – an estimated twenty-five years.

b. The initial phase of gravel mining in this area is slated for that area farthest removed from the Cold Spring Water’s location. Given Ordinance required annual inspections of the pit and a three year expiration date on the Gravel Pit permit (at which time renewal must be sought), water quality and quantity can be considered at either of these junctions.

S. Branch moved to grant permit approval without conditions. L. Haft seconded the motion. The vote was two (2) in favor; two (2) opposed and one (1) abstention.

More discussion followed, centered mainly on the two points listed above. After that discussion M. Garrett made a motion to reconsider the original motion. This motion passed unanimously. The vote on the original motion (to grant the permit with no conditions) passed – four (4) in favor; one (1) opposed.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael F. Garrett, Secretary

Monday, November 8, 2004 Monthly meeting of the Planning Board. 7:00pm, Town Hall