Town of Lamoine, Maine
Town Hall
Fire Department

November 8, 2004

Approved December 7, 2004

Public Hearings were called to order at 6:33pm

1. Boulder Cove Subdivision, A. & E. Belch, Map 3, Lot 12. A Belch presented an overview of the project. Several members of the audience raised questions and/or made comments – many about the amount and location of surface water and wetlands.

2. G. Murphy/J. Goodwin Subdivision, Map 4, Lot 31. S. Salsbury presented the proposal. Few questions were raised.

3. Kevin Ireland Subdivision, Map 9, Lots 27, 27A. A. Robinson presented the project. At least one audience member wondered about the difference of boundary line opinion between what is recorded in the courthouse and what shows on Ellsworth tax maps. Since the issue does not involve the Town of Lamoine in the permitting process, it will not be considered in permit deliberations.

The public hearing portion of the meeting closed at 6:54pm.

Chairman G. Donaldson gaveled the monthly meeting to order at 7:00pm
Board Members Present: G. Donaldson, M. Garrett, L. Haft, M. Havey, B. Jones & C. Ohmart
Code Enforcement Officer: D. Ford
Members of the Public in Attendance: A. Belch, E. Belch, B. Davis, G. Ford, J. Levitt, R. McDevitt, A. Robinson, S Salsbury, C. Schmidt, K Whitaker

Minutes: Minutes of October 12, 2004 were approved as presented.
Minutes of October 27, 2004. On the second to last line, “Haft” should replace “Havey as the second to the motion. These minutes were approved as amended.

Code Enforcement Officers Reports. Reports were accepted and placed on file.


1. Action regarding Boulder Cove Subdivision, A. & E. Belch, Map 4, Lot 31. The Subdivision Review criteria were individually considered and voted upon. M. Garrett moved and L. Haft seconded a motion to grant the permit. The vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

2. Action regarding G. Murphy/J. Jordan subdivision, Map4, Lots 31. The subdivision Review criteria were individually considered and voted upon. M. Garrett moved and C. Ohmart seconded a motion to grant the permit. The vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

3. Action Regarding Keven Ireland Subdivision, Map 9, Lots27, 27A. After affirmative review of all sub-
division criteria, M. Garrett moved and C. Ohmart seconded a motion to grant the permit with one condition. The condition is:

All junk (cars, appliances and metal or other refuse) shall be removed from the property
prior to the sale of the first lot.

The vote was unanimously in favor of granting the permit with this condition.

4. Status of Approval, Marlboro Mist II Subdivision (SARJOY, INC.) Map 4, Lot 36. The lone remaining issue outstanding is the width of the subdivision road. To clarify previous approvals of differing road widths, the Board had requested the CEO collect information about road widths for subdivisions authorized by the Board in 2004. Based upon this information the Board, upon motion made by M Garrett, seconded by M. Havey unanimously voted to incorporate the following language in Section 12, F. 2. g of the Building and Land Use Ordinance for this and for future subdivision road width standards.

“Width of roads shall be two (2) ten (10) foot and two (2) four (4) foot
shoulder/delivery lanes.”

This standard is effective as of November 8, 2004.

5. Status of Approval – Gravel Permit – RF Jordan, Map 3, Lot 4. Being previously approved by the Board, the permit was signed for issuance by the Secretary.

6. Gravel Permit Application, J. Goodwin, Map 1, Lot 75. This permit expired on October 31, 2004. The Board received a letter from Engineering Dyamics, Inc. requesting consideration of the renewal application be scheduled for the December meeting. On motion of M. Garrett, seconded by L. Haft and passed 5 votes to none, the Board made this determination.

Since the permit has expired and there is no completed application (nor anyone to
present it) to consider for permit renewal, continued extraction from this pit is in violation of the Gravel Ordinance. (Operating without a permit.) The Board instructed the CEO
to file a notice of violation.

7. Application for Retail Display/sign, C. Schmidt, Map 7, Lot 4-2. C. Schmidt proposed to erect a 3 by 8 foot sign (24 square feet) sign to advertise/display samples of her etchings and paintings with the intent of interesting prospective buyers. The Building and Land Use Ordinance specifies (Section 14, F. 16) signs “shall not exceed 6 square feet in area”. L. Haft moved and M. Garrett seconded a motion to approve the request. The vote against approval was unanimous.


Site Plan Review Pre Application. Indoor Riding Arena, S. Arthur, Map 5, Lot 10-3. Section “I” of the Site Plan Review Ordinance (page 259) states:

“The applicant or his/her representative shall attend a pre-application
conference with the Planning Board.:

Since neither the applicant nor a representative of the applicant attended, the Board declined to consider the pre-application. M. Garrett moved, seconded by C. Ohmart, to table this item until December.


R. McDevitt commented for the Board’s information that a proposed new culvert in the vicinity of the Boulder Cove subdivision on Shore Road could compound potential surplus water in the area.


At the December meeting, the Board will determine a date for a Building & Land Use Ordinance Workshop.

The meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm.
Respectfully submitted,

Michael F. Garrett, Secretary
Next Meeting Tuesday, December 7, 2004 – 7:00pm Town Hall.