Town of Lamoine, Maine
Town Hall
Fire Department

January 4, 2005

Chairman G. Donaldson called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.
Board Members Present: G. Donaldson, M. Garrett, L. Haft, M. Havey, B. Jones, C. Ohmart
Code Enforcement Officer: D. Ford
Members of the Public in Attendance: S. Arthur, D. Crawford, G. Ford, A. Fronczak, S. Joy, J. Karst
W. Meyer, J. Ploszak, K. Stevens-Rosa, J. Tower, K. Whitaker

Minutes: Three amendments to the minutes of December 7, 2004 were offered and accepted. (1) Under “Old Business” , letter c. In the sentence reading: “The Board found the application complete …”, the word “complete” should read “incomplete”. (2) The April meeting will be held on April 5, NOT April 3, as written. The time of adjournment should be 10:40pm, NOT 9:50pm. The minutes were approved as amended.

Code Enforcement Officer’s Reports: The reports were accepted and placed on file.

Conservation Commission: As no representative from the Commission was present, there was no report.


1. Road Width – Marlboro Mist II Subdivision, Map 4, Lot 36. S. Joy seeks a waiver of subdivision road width standards to allow construction of a road consisting of two (2) ten foot travel lanes and two (2) two foot shoulders. A lengthy discussion ensued along the following lines.

The existing Building and Land Use Ordinance specifies that subdivision road widths “shall be two 9-foot traffic lanes and two 8-foot parking and delivery lanes” Section 12, F. g. (34 feet in all.) With the implosion of subdivision applications in recent years, the Board recognized this road width standard to be unreasonable. Subsequently, the Board issued a number of “waivers” with varying traffic lanes and shoulder widths.

In considering the waiver here requested, the Board held that the road in question should consist of two ten(10) foot traffic lanes and two four (4) foot delivery/parking lanes – the difference being two feet of shoulder on both sides of the road. M. Garrett moved and M. Havey seconded a motion to grant the waiver as requested. Two voted in favor; three opposed. The motion was defeated on the grounds the road width is insufficient

2. Gravel Pit Permit Renewal – J. Goodwin, Jr. Map 4, Lot 41-1. Two conditions previously set – namely
ground water readings and areas proposed for mining during the life of the permit (2005, 06, 07) were satisfactorily addressed. When reviewing performance standards, M. Havey noted the northern boundary
buffer is less than the fifty (50) feet required by the Ordinance. J, Tower must produce a letter of consent
to a lesser boundary from the abutter before the permit will be issued. M. Garrett moved, L. Haft seconded a motion to table this item until February 8, 2005

3. Site Plan Application Completeness Review – Indoor Riding Arena. Map10, Lot 5-3. On motion of M. Garrett seconded by B. Jones, the application was unanimously deemed complete with one condition.
The applicants must provided the Board with a reproducible plot plan (mylar) capable of holding
signatures and dates and of being officially recorded.

This item is set for a public hearing at 6:30pm on February 8, 2005 at the Town Hall.

4. Home Occupation Permit Request – J. Karst. Map 4, Lot 7. J. Karst satisfied all of the Board’s inquiries and will construct a sign not to exceed six (6) square feet. M. Havey moved and M. Garrett seconded a motion to grant the permit. The vote was unanimous.

5. Jurisdiction clarification request from the CEO re: application by J. Ploszaj. Map 14, Lot 66. J. Ploszaj proposes to build a house on a substandard lot necessitating location of the septic system to be
on a lot across Bay street and not directly opposite the house lot. The Board will consider three issues relating to permit approval.

a. The applicant’s original Tier 1 proposal called for construction of a trailer on the lot. The Board requires the Tier 1 permit to reflect that a house, not a trailer, will be built on the lot.
b. The configuration of the septic system in relation to the house (being on different lots) raises a question of whether the two lots must or do abut each other. D. Ford will seek a legal definition of
“abutter” for consideration at our next meeting.
c. A proposed path to the shoreland requires a Shoreland permit and should be considered apart
from the house permit.

The Board will consider this item again at its February 8, 2005 meeting.


1. Notice of Variance to Minimum Lot Size law requirement. S & P Leonard-Johnson, Map 1, Lot 6. With no one present to provide and explanation, the Board voted to table this item until a representative of the project is present.

2. Shoreland Zoning Permit request for M. Woodward/V.Constantine. Map 5, Lot 23-2. The applicants originally planned to renovate an existing structure within the Shoreland Zone. The CEO issued a permit for the purpose. Unable to find some one to “lift” the dwelling (for installation of an insulation pad) in timely fashion, they now seek to rebuild the structure in its entirety. The Board is of the opinion that it has and should exercise its authority to review the proposal. This in spite of the fact the applicants contends “several;” sources told them Planning Board review was not required.

Should the applicants choose to proceed, they need to provide maps, drawings and other such materials that will enable the Board to fully consider the proposal. This item is tabled until a complete application is available.


Subdivision Application Form. M. Havey distributed copies of her draft. If anyone has additions/deletions/comments, they should be made directly to Melody.


Building and Land Use Ordinance. A workshop is scheduled for 6:30pm, Wednesay, January 12th at the Lamoine School.

Appeals Board Ordinance. Placed on indefinite hold.


January 12, 2005 BLUO Workshop, 6:30pm,. Lamoine School.
Febrary 8, 2005 Monthly Board meeting
March 1, 2005 Monthly Board meeting
April 5, 2005 Monthly Board meeting

Meeting adjourned at 9:38pm

Respectfully Submitted
Michael F. Garrett, Secretary