Steering Committee

Meeting Minutes – 7/9/02, 7:10 PM

Those Present:  Ken Smith, Chris Tadema-Wielandt, Reggie McDevitt, Dick King and Peter McDevitt (arrived 7:20).  George Crawford, John Wuorinen, Phil Standel, Tom St. Clair and Stu Marckoon also were present.


·        The minutes from the June 10 meeting were reviewed.  Dick moved to accept them as written, Reggie seconded the motion and all were in favor.

·        Reggie reported that the Facilities Subcommittee is still searching for an appropriate parcel of land.  He talked with the Pinkham family (Harrison and Erva) and expected Harrison to talk with Stu.  However, Erva was the one who actually talked with Stu.  She indicated that they may have a parcel at the town hall end of Route 204 by MacQuinn’s pit that they’d be willing to sell, but they are not willing to sell any of the farm.  The subcommittee is still evaluating the parcel owned by Mainely Vinyl’s Davison, which is located behind Butler’s parcel on the Buttermilk Road.  Stu pointed out that the Buttermilk Road area is zoned “Residential” and that would be a problem in siting a public works garage/salt storage area.  The subcommittee will continue to discuss this and other agenda items following the Steering Committee meeting.

·        Ken reported that he had visited the Coastal Recycling facility and talked with the manager, Joyce Levesque.  The objectives of the visit were to determine what materials they currently accept and to establish the procedure for re-joining the group if Lamoine ultimately chooses to pursue such a route.  Ken said that he made it very clear to her that we’re only looking at the impacts that potential alternatives would have, if any, on a decision to establish a public works department in Lamoine.  With respect to the procedure, she thought Lamoine would have to become a contract community rather than a full member, but that would be up to their board.  At Joyce’s suggestion, Ken also visited the Sullivan recycling operation located at the town’s transfer station.  They use multiple box trailers at the transfer station to store the recyclables and contract the transportation of the full trailers from Sullivan to Coastal.  They believe this is much more cost effective than contracting with Pine Tree or anyone else for compartmentalized roll-off containers.  The subcommittee is still working to obtain cost information on other solid waste handling alternatives, such as curbside collection.

·        Ken passed out a suggested outline of the final report for comments (copy attached).  He indicated that he planned to use this in an update to the Selectmen on Thursday, July 18 and would appreciate any comments from the subcommittee meetings that follow the Steering Committee meeting or after everyone has had a chance to review the outline in more depth at home.

·        Ken discussed some suggestions for identifying and evaluating potentially viable alternatives to satisfy Lamoine’s public works needs.  He used some examples that he had prepared for discussion in the solid waste subcommittee.  Essentially, he had identified each of Lamoine’s major solid waste needs on a form and then filled in how each need was met under the existing system and under a few of the potential alternatives, using a separate form for each.  A follow-up form will be prepared that will facilitate comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative.

·        Ken also discussed alternative approaches for preparing cost estimates for each alternative.  One is to use the existing costs as a base and then add or deduct the estimated costs of any proposed changes.  If the alternative is substantially different from the existing systems, then Ken suggested either developing an estimate from the ground up, which requires sufficient knowledge of the field, or looking at other comparably-sized towns that utilize systems similar to that under consideration.  For the latter, it would be necessary to obtain their costs and then make appropriate additions or deductions to accommodate any differences between the communities or the systems employed.  Reggie said that he will be looking at comparable communities, but they may be outside Hancock County.  Everyone agreed that would not be a problem.  Stu noted that his parents live in South Thomaston and it is a mirror of Lamoine.  He agreed to prepare a list of towns with comparable population for distribution.  Action: Stu Marckoon

·        The meeting schedule was the final agenda item.  Ken asked if anyone had a problem with the meeting schedule change made last month, which changed the date from the second Monday of the month to the second Tuesday.  No one did.

Next Steering Committee Meeting:  Tuesday, August 13 at 7:00 PM (the Subcommittees will meet at 7:30 PM)

Respectfully submitted,


Ken Smith