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Minutes - April 18, 2015

The meeting came to order at 8:59 a.m. at the Lamoine Town Office.

Present were:  Recreation Committee Members Greg Stone, Elie Khoury, Becky Mason, Elizabeth Stanley, Heidi Garrison and Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon.

Alternate member – Heidi Garrison is the first alternate and was introduced to the committee. There is one opening left.

Minutes, March 28, 2015 – Greg moved to approve the minutes as written. Becky 2nd. Vote in favor was 5-0.

Approval Process via Board of Selectmen – The Selectmen approved of program offerings requested by the Rec Committee (Rec Soccer <indoor/outdoor>, Rec Basketball, Peewee Cheering, Karate <fall/spring>, Baseball/Softball, Gym Activities & Outdoor Activities, Volleyball, Kickball, Field Hockey, and Ultimate Frisbee). One of the selectmen inquired as to whether or not there would be programs for adults. Tim attended the meeting and informed them that it is our goal.

As discussed in our last meeting, Tim asked if the committee needed approval for a questionnaire to be sent home with the school students.  It was decided approval from the Selectmen was not needed, however, it should go before the principal.  

Ellsworth Football League (support/scheduling) We were informed by Principal Dawn McPhail, via email, she and Katrina Kane, Superintendent will be handling discussions with the Ellsworth Football League regarding field use, scheduling and clarifying expectations.

Current Program Progress/Review – The indoor soccer program in winding down, with the last class being 4/30/15. There are 36 children enrolled in the program. Tim recommended the younger group go until 4:00 rather than 4:30. The duration proved to be too long for them as they starting earlier since they are directly after school. The time (for the last day) will be as follows:  Pre K – 2 is 3:15 to 4; Grade 3 is 4:15 to 5:30; and Grades 4-8 is 5:45 to 7. Karate is in its 4th week. There is a decent attendance for youth and adult classes.

Stu recommended all registrations be brought to the Town Hall for storage once the programs end. He will obtain a couple accordion folders for program leaders to have while the programs are running. Tim and Nate will bring in the registrations after the session is over. Nate will also bring Stu the money from karate.

Becky reported that an invitation, from the Hancock Recreation Committee, has been extended to the 5 to 7 year-olds to participate in their Farm League Program. She was given their registration. It was agreed by all that we can request Betty Anderson, Lamoine School, send the registrations home with the students. In the future, the committee may try to get involved in running, individually or jointly with Hancock, a Farm League program that will compete in the Y League.

Facilities, Use, and Scheduling – Dawn McPhail informed us, via email, field maintenance is being overseen at the school level. A bid for a new contract has just gone out.

There was a discussion regarding our views were regarding scheduling priority:  school athletics/activities; town municipal activities (town meetings, etc.); Lamoine Recreation and PATRONS sponsored activities; and lastly, other private groups and out of town sponsored groups, such as the Ellsworth Football League. Greg will attend the next school board meeting and request the Lamoine Rec activities have priority of scheduling over outside groups and that this could possibly be written down in some form of guideline.

Committee Planning – As a town committee that is offering programs for the community, we need to make ourselves more visible. Elie suggested the committee look into purchasing shirts that identifies us as the Lamoine Recreation Committee with our logo and a catch phrase. This could be worn at town municipal meetings we attend as well as Rec Committee sponsored activities.

Greg made motion to attend town meetings:  Selectmen Board (2nd meeting of the month), School Board (meets 1st Tuesday of the month), and PATRONS. Becky 2nd. Vote in favor was 5-0.

Greg volunteered to attend the Selectmen’s Meeting (April 30, 2015) and the School Board Meeting (May 12, 2015). He will notify Stu and Dawn that he will be attending this meeting so that it can be put on the agenda. Greg suggested we attend a PATRONS meeting to discuss the roles the Rec Committee and PATRONS play in the community. Elizabeth stated the PATRONS focus on providing for the needs of the school, students, and staff. They fundraise through various activities such as dances.

Elizabeth suggested the Rec Committee request some sort of mailbox to be placed at the school so that any paperwork (e.g., registrations) regarding the committee will have a place to be stored until picked up.

It was discussed that in order to provide programs for the community, volunteerism is needed. Elie will work on a “Wanted: Volunteer Coaches and Program Leaders” form. Elizabeth suggested the committee look into offering to send volunteers to coaching clinics (for those who feel they could benefit from it). The Y is a resource we could use to find who runs these clinics.

Becky suggests we make a calendar of events. We know, in general, when programs begin and we could start advertising well in advance. Greg said we need to have a brochure or handout that identifies who the Rec Committee is, what we are about, and what we offer.

There was a brief discussion of fundraising. There is a “snack shack” by the soccer field. This could be utilized during games and we can request parent volunteers to run this. Stu reminded us of the returnable container for August. We will discuss further ideas for fundraising in future meetings.

Mission/Vision Statement – A more in depth discussion of this will be discussed in next meeting.

Other Matters for Public Discussion – We will discuss the next program offering in next meeting.

Next Meeting – The committee agreed to meet again on May 9, 2015 @ 9:00 a.m.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 10:26 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted

Becky Mason, Secretary, Lamoine Recreation Committee