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Minutes - May 30, 2015

The meeting came to order at 9:04 am at the Lamoine Town Office.

Present: Greg Stone, Tim Jordan, Elie Khoury, Elizabeth Stanley, and Jason Trenholm

New Alternate recreation committee member; Jason Trenholm was sworn in by Stu Marckoon as the end alternate member. The recreation committee welcomed Jason to his first rec committee meeting

Minutes from May 9th Meeting; Greg Stone Moved to approve the minutes as is. Elie 2nd. All members were in favor.

Discuss family fun day; originally was tentatively scheduled for May 31st. the field at the school was not groomed as of Friday so the committee decided to move the date to June 14th. Greg Stone will email Dawn, the principal of Lamoine School. He will ask to get the family fun day into the school newsletter. He will ask her to send “the volunteer needed flyer” to the kids’ parents along with the newsletter. Becky Mason will post family fun day on Facebook. The recreation committee members will be present to facilitate the program. Greg Stone will lead the soft ball and still need to get some help with soccer and other activities.

Next meeting; June 20th at 9am at Town of Lamoine office.

Open Gym Basketball Program; Kick off of the open Gym program is scheduled for May 30th from 5;30pm to 7pm at the Lamoine School Gym. It will be every Saturday until school is out for the summer. It is a pick game of basketball with Adult and kids. All are welcomed. Elizabeth Stanley will post on facebook.

Registration for Rec Soccer; discussed Outdoor summer soccer for this summer 2015. The same as last year, registration is $30 instead of $20 of last year. We need to cover the shirts and balls. August 12th is tentatively scheduled as the soccer registration deadline at the school. Practice is on Wednesday starting august 19th from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. The Program will end Oct 30th. Competition games will take place on the weekends on Saturdays. The school field needs painting. Greg will ask the school committee to supply the paint and may be Nate Mason will mark it up.

School flyer teasers; the rec committee discussed doing soccer flyer teasers. Elie Khoury asked Elizabeth Stanley if she still had last year flyer. We need to get the flyer out to the kids and their parent before school is out. The committee also discussed adding to flyer the upcoming events. Teaser will list Peewee cheering in October, Basketball in November, Pick-up basketball. June 12th is date to send out soccer flyer with the school newsletter.

Information hot line; The committee agreed that we need to have a “go to” information resource on flyers and events for questions and additional information. Greg Stone proposed to have his phone number and or email on future communication and flyers.

Leisure slow ride; New program of slow bicycle ride every Sunday through designated Lamoine streets with multiple designated stops. Greg Stone will lead this program. July 12th is the first targeted date to kick this off.

Mailers; the committee discussed with Stu Marckoon ways to get flyers mailed to residence home. We need another avenue to get information to residence of Lamoine beside the school newsletter. Stu suggested we would send it with the tax bill. The rec committee volunteered to stuff the tax envelop with a recreation committee flyers.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 am.

Minutes were completed and submitted by Elie Khoury in the absence of Becky Mason.