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Minutes - December 17, 2016


The meeting came to order at 9:08 am at the Lamoine Town Office.

Present were: Greg Stone, Elie Khoury,  Sharon Smythe, Patty Haslam,  Jason Trenholm.

Meeting Minutes:  all approved meeting minutes from Nov/22/16.

Basketball update: small Number in Pre-K and 3-4

All is going well with practices and coaching. There are 30 kids for the whole program.

 Jason Trenholm is coaching 3-4 and helping with pre-K.

Daniel Balridge is coaching pre-K. Lamoine children committee.

Rachel Smallidge is coaching 1-2

We have two kids from Trenton this season. Next year we will advertise in Trenton school.

Lock Box: We are allowed to have a lockbox for the school Gym key. Greg got it approved with the superintendent. We do not have approval for placement location but we have approval for placing a lock box. We will figure out location and Greg will get the superintendent to approve in the spring.

Cheering: we need to use the family Bible church for two days a week. but the church is requiring a contract with indemnification and proof of insurance. We need to check with Stu if we have coverage outside of the Town of Lamoine. The school is not enough for the all the practices and we still need another location for two days a week. The Gym is being used too often for other sports.

It was recommended we check with Trenton school first. if Trenton does not work out we need to check with the Moore school Community Center in Ellsworth. The Moore Center charges a fee of $15.00 an hour. Greg will check with Trenton first for Thursdays after 4;30pm.

The cheering team needs $1400 for uniforms or $70 per kid for uniform. Uniform once purchased by the committee has to come back to the committee after season is over so they can be used next year.

Committee approved $500 for equipment last month. We need $900 more according to Coaches.  Receipts to be submitted to Greg for approval.  There will two stipulation before awarding funds.

1)      Cheering team to do fund raising and reimburse rec committee

2)      Return uniforms at the end of year.

There must be a control form signed by each participant to be able to collect uniform.

Motion was approved. It was brought forth by Greg and second by Elie. All were in favor of $1000 Max.

Big Issue at cheering last week: there was an issue last week with a kid hiding and not wanting to participate. We need to send a note to parent from recreation committee to let them know we are not in the baby sitting business and parent needs to be responsible for their kids. There has to be someone responsible for each child and can’t be the responsibility of the coach. Greg will deliver a note for next week. We also need to add to registration form a statement to cover this topic.

Ice Skating: Greg received an approval from the school to build or set up an ice skating area on school grounds all the way in the back of the field by the old baseball field. We need the help of the fire department to get water to the area.

School does not want the skating available when school is in session.

Based on weather, we will communicate via email to plans and execution. We are targeting the week between Christmas and NY while the school is out.

Summer event: we need to start talking and discussing at the next meeting in January.

Cynthia: the committee approved contribution to Lamoine Children committee of $100.00. Motion was brought forth by Greg and second by Patty. All were in favor.

Next meeting is scheduled for Saturday Jan 21th at 9:00 am. Meeting adjourned at 10:07am