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Minutes - July 16, 2016


The meeting came to order at 8:40 am at the Lamoine Town Office.

Present were: Greg Stone, Elie Khoury,  Sharon Smythe, Patty Haslam, Elizabeth Stanley.

Meeting Minutes:  all approved meeting minutes from 06/18/16 with slight changes.

Survey: The committee discuss next step to get the survey out to the community. Greg will revisit with Stu on how to get it out to the community via email, face book or mail. Stu is concerned is too hard to take and a bit confusing. The committee is willing to make changes as necessary.

Town anniversary: the committee would like to get involved in the 150 years town anniversary. we will stay close to the plans in 2018.

Storage:  the committee discussed the need for storage. We have supplies and equipment that needs one central place to store so we can keep an inventory of needs. Greg will ask Stu the status of the storage facility to use. We need to collect all equipment from all the coaches on July 31st. we need to make an inventory of all equipment.

Slow Ride activity: the next schedule sloe ride is on 07/31/16. Greg will get the banner and Flyers out and about town.

Future Activities: we need to firm up activities for 2016. We could not get consent as we need the other committee members to participate. We will discuss at the next meeting

Soccer: we are all set with coaches for now. Sign up date for fall soccer scheduled for August 15th from 6pm -7pm.  First practice September 7th.   we need to find out who is going to line the field at the school this year.may be we can ask the YMCA to help line up the field.

Coaching Clinic: We still need to ask Shane if he know of any future clinics. Elizabeth and Greg will check with YMCA for a coaches clinic. First Coaches meeting August 22nd. we also need to firm up referee for the games. We hope that Tim will do it for us

Soccer T-Shirts: Elizabeth will contact the T-shirts maker for selection.

Future activities scheduled:

         Cheering Oct/Nov

         Basketball Nov

         Indoor soccer March

         Indoor Hockey March

         Karate March/April

         Slow Ride July

         Community event: first Sunday after school is over (start promoting in January)

         Volleyball April

Greg will get with Stu to add to quarterly newspaper.

Tennis Courts: Greg met with Stu if we can help with pay for repairs. There is legal issues and it can not be done. this needs further research

Pickle ball: something to consider for the future  season. The YMCA is going to do it.

Member election: the committee voted to elect Patti to a full time position on the committee. Also the committee will offer Butch the alternate member position.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00am

Respectfully submitted by Elie Khoury, Lamoine Recreation Committee

Next meeting: The committee agreed to meet again on August 6, 2016 @ 8:30 a.m.