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Minutes - January 21, 2017


The meeting came to order at 9:12 am at the Lamoine Town Office.

Present were: Greg Stone, Elie Khoury, Jason Trenholm.

Meeting Minutes:  all approved meeting minutes from Dec/17/16.

Activities: ICE Skating  

Ice making was not successful. We could not put water down to make ice. The weather was warm and trying to get the water tanker did not make sense. The fire department was very helpful. We could not get the plan to work. We could not expect the fire department to stand there all day pumping water. Next year we need to get water to the location. We need to pre plan the water.

 Lock Box: We are allowed to have a lockbox for the school Gym key. Greg got it approved with the superintendent. We do not have approval for placement location but we have approval for placing a lock box. We will figure out location and Greg will get the superintendent to approve in the spring. Greg still needs to follow up with Sharon when she is back. We still need to know what kind of lock box and where to have it.

Cheering:  they ordered all the approved equipment. The team is trying to put together a fundraising with MDI as in a showcase. Holy needs a $200 loan to get things started and purchased things for the showcase like trophies. Pompoms. The showcase is Feb 24th at MDI 6pm-8pm. It is large group of kids. The state competition is the first Sunday of March or March 5th.

Basketball: All is going well. Teams are practicing and playing games. We need to give each coach a first aid kit. We need to develop a form to report an incidents or accident. Greg will ask Stu if he has a form to use. If not we can develop one and submit for approval.  Kids are enjoying the games and practice.

Indoor soccer: practice to start Feb 25th for YMCA. We need a flyer to send to parent on Monday Feb 27th for a March 2nd sign up day. Greg will reserve March 2nd with Betty at the school. We need to get the flyer done. We will discuss at the next meeting. Flyers will be used at school to encourage participation.

 End of the School Program: the goal is to celebrate the end of school as a celebrator day and we can promote Rec Committee.

         Talk about Summer program

         Promote 3 on 3 Basketball

         Promote Slow Ride

         Promote adult Pick up basketball game

         Pickle Ball program for

Alternate Member: We lost alternate member Charles “Butch” Swanberg. We need to recruit a new alternate member. We will ask Stu if he knows of another. Jason and Elie will ask some of the parents.

5K Run: We will wait until we are asked to help or participate. Last year we donated food. We will wait for the 5K committee to ask for our help if it is necessary.

Town newsletter:  Greg will write a paragraph for the newsletter. He will share all the activities the rec committee has been involved in.

Facebook: Jason is the administrator for the face book page. We need to get more people to like our page. Elizabeth is also an administrator too. Jason will start reporting on Facebook postings with the committee. Greg will order two posters to help promote rec committee Facebook page. We will use the banners at events and sign ups.

Balance sheet: the committee discussed and reviewed the balance sheet. We look over the P&L statement. We discussed the expenses committed.

The Next meeting is scheduled for Saturday Feb 11th at 9:00 am. Meeting adjourned at 10:12am