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Minutes - October 19, 2017 (Draft, subject to correction)


Call to order at 6:45pm. Lamoine School.


Present: Greg Stone, Nicole Chan, Jason Trenholm, Patti Haslam, Amanda Frost


1.         August 5 and September 27 minutes accepted as written. Oct 12 minutes were changed to add who was present: Greg Stone, Patti Haslam, Nicole Chan, Elizabeth Stanley, Sharon Smythe.

2.        Discussion of participation Certificate. Nicole will create certificate. Send JPEG to Greg to be reproduced if she needs them copied.  No scheduled certificate/end of program officially planned for soccer.  Will be program planned beginning with basketball. Nicole will redo the program evaluation by adding a request for volunteers. To be distributed  to parents and collected by Jason

3.        Greg will contact last year’s basketball coaches to see if they are interested in coaching this year.

4.        Talked about how to organize Committee. Members will come to next meeting with what they can commit to.

5.        It was decided that we did not want to turn over program operations to another organization.

6.        Basketball.  Greg and Jason will check equipment and order PK-K baskets as voted unanimously by the committee.

7.        Basketball registration and Parent meeting Nov.13, 5:30-6:15.  3 levels PK-K, 1-2, 3-4.  (5th with 3-4 if needed). Need to get 2 or 3 parents to help .

8.        Need help on Saturdays setting up the gym.  Greg will check with Stu  about how to hire someone.  Greg will also check on hiring a coordinator to do PR, registration, other admin coordination.

9.        Greg will check with Elizabeth about Cheering and Jenny.

10.   Greg will talk with Betty about scheduling the gym.

11.   Greg will work on key/access to school when locked.

12.   We need to develop expectations for coaches.

13.   We will get a couple of playground basketball.  Some concern about our equipment and facilities use since Acadia Fire has started using the facilities.

14.   Next meeting Nov.2, 6:30-8 Lamoine School.  Regular meetings will be the first Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM until further notice.

15.   Adjourned 8 PM.