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Lamoine Recreation Committee

Minutes - December 7, 2017 (Draft, subject to correction)


Recreation Committee Meeting called to order 6:31pm present: Greg Stone, Nicole Chan, Andrea Smith, Michelle Stoll, Patti Haslam, Jason Trenholm, Amanda Frost.  

Misspelled Stu’s last name incorrectly, only change needed.  Marckoon.  11/20/17 meeting minutes approved - unanimous 5-0 vote

Nicole requests changes in organizational structure of committee roles.  

  • Greg makes suggestion; need Co-Chair for instance when Chair is not present for meeting.  
  • Keep proposed Facilities/equipment position controlled by someone affiliated with Rec Committee.  
  • Amended role of Chair to have Co-Chair as back up if needed.
  • Amended Secretary/Public Relations: add Facebook posting as part of responsibilities
  • Unanimously voted: 5-0

We need to follow up with LOCK BOX for key access; voted 5-0 to purchase; Greg to do

Discussion of roles: 6:53pm

Alternates can have a role -

    Possible co-treasurers - Michelle Stoll & Andrea Smith

    Chair/Co-Chair - Amanda Frost & Elizabeth Stanley  

    Secretary - Nicole Chan

    Facilities - Greg Stone

Approved, unanimously 5-0+

Need 2- 2018 Planners from Town Office for Andrea & Michelle

Reviewed Annual Calendar of Program

Dan Baldridge requested scheduling dates for missed Mondays due to gym scheduling conflict.

  • Greg & Michelle spoke w/Betty, there are Thursdays & Fridays after 5:30 available.

    Elizabeth is available in Dan’s absence if needed.

Basketballs for Rec in side shed - possibly for K-2, counted by Jason & Patti = (18) 28.5 basketballs; Check for balls in extra outdoor shed

Need to get new hoops from Town Office - Greg will do for Mondays practice

Current Program/Plans for pictures & Certificates: motion to move to 1/4/18 meeting 5-0

Adjourned 7:45pm

17-18 Budget:  Approve $5900.00 for 2018 Budget  5-0 unanimous vote

Spring Program Plans: Motion to move to 1/4/18 - top of agenda to prioritize list of things to do to get organized for Indoor Soccer

  • Our gym is not adequate for Indoor soccer games; use Hancock/Trenton facilities for practices & games  
  • Speak to Trenton Families to get contact information for building usage unanimous 5-0 vote

Other:  2 - 3 ring binders for organizing Treasurer & Secretary positions and paperwork -Nicole to do

Order or purchase locally 12 balls - Greg to do ASAP voted to purchase balls & 4 bags  

5-0 vote to purchase ASAP

Adjourned 7:47PM