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Lamoine Board of Selectmen

Agenda Addendum - September 3, 2009
  1. Request of Shellfishing Advisory Committee to have a Selectmen serve as representative at regional meetings.
  2. Request of Planning Board re: Code Enforcement Officer set future meeting date.
  3. Fire Truck Sale Report
  4. Cable TV system operator error 9/2/09
  5. Roads
    1. Grant approved for Needles Eye Road Culvert Replacement
    2. FEMA Repairs estimate
    3. Request to MDOT re: wheel ruts, bush trimming
    4. Update on local road requests (Buttermilk, Lorimer)
    5. Communications re: damaged mailbox ( Seal Point Road )
  6. Request from Maine Community Foundation re: administering scholarship trust fund.
  7. Request from Eastern Agency on Aging for Meals on wheels site
  8. Census Bureau requests who should handle them?