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Minutes of January 25, 2007

Chair Jo Cooper called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM

Present were: Selectmen Cynthia Donaldson, Richard Fennelly Jr., Brett Jones, S. Josephine Cooper , Perry Fowler; Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon, Chris Tadema-Wielandt , Michael Jordan, Merle Bragdon, Kerry Galeaz, and David & Julie Herrick

The meeting was telecast and recorded by Lamoine CTV.

Agenda Review Stu said Kerry Galeaz had a brief item for the board. No other items for the agenda or addendum were offered.

Minutes Jo moved to approve the minutes of January 11, 2007 with some minor corrections. Perry 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0.

Jo moved to approve the minutes of December 21, 2006 with minor changes. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0.

Board Vacancies Parks Commission Alternate Stu reported Julie Herrick and Shannon Faulkingham had both inquired about serving as an alternate on the Parks Commission. He reported that Ms. Faulkingham has not yet registered to vote. Jo asked Mrs. Herrick why she was interested in serving. Mrs. Herrick said she thought it would be fun, and she's been involved with the Friends of Lamoine State Park group. She said she's taking a master gardener's course and she would like to do some projects at the parks. Perry moved to appoint Julie Herrick as an alternate parks commissioner, term to expire June 30, 2007. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0.

Kerry Galeaz asked the board if he could get some concrete numbers on what it would cost to alter the road into Bloomfield Park as discussed versus fixing up the existing road. Perry reported that he looked at the road and it makes sense to cut a corner off on the pond side as the Branch family has advocated. He said the plan would be to make two portions of road, and he drew out a diagram which the parties briefly discussed. Perry said it would cost about $3-thousand dollars to build both pieces of road. He said there are no big trees there. He said it would cost about $2-thousand dollars to repair what is there.

Selectmen read the proposed article wording for the March town meeting. Cynthia asked how this would affect security. Perry said there would be no change for now. Mr. Galeaz said he would like to clean out the wooded area and tidy up a bit at the park. A short discussion followed on the feasibility of a security gate. Mr. Galeaz asked Perry if he would mark the area proposed for the road alteration. Perry said he would.

Appeals Board Alternate Stu said Merle Bragdon offered to serve as the Alternate on the Board of Appeals. Jo asked Mr. Bragdon why he was interested. Mr. Bragdon said he wanted to contribute in some way to the town. Jo asked if he had followed what the Appeals Board does. Mr. Bragdon said he was familiar with Castine's boards and had served on several. Jo asked if Mr. Bragdon was familiar with the way Planning Board s work. Mr. Bragdon said he was not real familiar, but had followed zoning issues. Perry moved to appoint Mr. Bragdon to the Board of Appeals as an alternate, term ending June 30, 2009. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0.

Consent Agreement Richard said he looked over the draft and it was straight-forward. Jo said she thought it was fine. Perry moved to sign the agreement. Brett 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0. Chris Tadema-Wielandt asked if any of the lots involved had been conveyed. Stu said he did not believe so. Mr. Tadema-Wielandt noted that if they had, the new owners would also have to agree.

Harbor Master Stu noted that Harbor Master Gerald Ford had passed away on Sunday and that he had asked David Herrick to attend the meeting, as Mr. Herrick is presently the Deputy Harbor Master. Perry asked if Mr. Herrick was interested in becoming the Harbor Master. Mr. Herrick said he would be willing to continue until July to see how things go. Jo asked if the Selectmen could review things in the spring. Mr. Herrick said he didn't work all that closely with Mr. Ford on the paperwork end. Stu noted that all the mooring data is in the town office and that shouldn't be much of a problem. Mr. Herrick noted that Harbor Master School is in late March and he plans to attend again.

Jo said she would like to meet in the Spring with Mr. Herrick to see how things are going. She said the Selectmen need to decide by June 30 th on who will be the Harbor Master. She suggested meeting in May. She asked whether a deputy would be needed. Cynthia said Brian Corrigan had expressed interest when the Deputy's job came up last time. A short discussion followed about whether to contact Mr. Corrigan or to widely advertise. It was agreed that Mr. Corrigan would be contacted to inquire whether he is still interested in the deputy's position.

Jo moved to appoint David Herrick as the Harbor Master until June 30, 2007. Brett 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0.

Town Meeting Warrant Review Richard asked about the maximum and minimum interest rate. Stu said the state treasurer sets the maximum rate by statute, and the refund rate must be 4% lower. Richard asked about refunds of overpayments. Stu said they are generally made immediately. He said interest generally is paid if there was an error or some other abatement made well after payment is received.

Mr. Bragdon asked if the $650,000 renovation loan is not enough to accomplish the renovations needed at the school. Richard said the state funds are dedicated for specific items. He said he read in the paper that any left over funds might be used for a septic system. A short discussion followed on what else needed to be done at the school. Jo said the building committee will need to re-think what to do at the school. Stu said the proposed articles 14-16 would be removed because of the failure of the addition vote this week. He said there doesn't seem to be any heartburn over the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance based on the hearing held this week.

Town Report Draft - It was noted the Registrar of Voters term needs correction. A short discussion followed on the terms for Planning Board members being 5-years. The wording on the Sheriff's Department report was briefly discussed.

Stu reported he had picked the Copy Center in Augusta to print the report as it was far less expensive than any of the other options he sought.

Harbor Ordinance Selectmen reviewed the latest version of the proposed changes. No further changes were suggested.

Snow Removal Contract Selectmen asked Stu to re-title the boxes to clarify that 4-options were available. A short discussion followed on some of the contract language. Selectmen gave the go-ahead to put this out to bid following the contract changes.

Discussion of School Bond Vote Brett said he was disappointed with the outcome. Stu said he was impressed by the number of voters that turned out. He said he was glad Harvey Kelley was present to be moderator as things were hopping all day. There was a brief discussion about an incident with Neil Salsbury who has refused to register to vote but requested to vote in this election. Stu gave a brief synopsis of the event, noting that the Sheriff's department was called. Mr. Tadema-Wielandt noted that he had encountered similar treatment from Mr. Salsbury while gathering signatures on his nomination petition. Stu noted that he has drafted a letter to Mr. Salsbury in response to follow up questions that Mr. Salsbury had the following day and would send that. Selectmen had no objection.

Shoreland Zoning Ordinance Hearing Those who attended noted it was very short and no serious issues arose.

Firefighter Insurance Stu reported the insurance proposed by MMA is very expensive and the fire department had no interest in it. There was no action taken.

Warrant 14 Selectmen signed expenditure warrant 14 for $54,166.84.

Cash & Budget Report There were no questions about the written report.

Bloomfield Park Road revisited Mr. Galeaz said he wanted to clarify that the warrant article was to allow discussion with the Branch family about an easement. Selectmen explained that if the article passes, the Selectmen would have the power to enter an agreement with the Branches. If the Parks Commission wished to do construction work, then they would have to ask the Selectmen for the go-ahead.

MDOT Speed Trailer Selectmen reviewed a flyer from the Maine Department of Transportation offering a speed indicator sign on a lottery basis. A short discussion of possible locations to put it followed. Stu asked who would be responsible for setting it up. Selectmen said they would like to put the town's name into the lottery.

Paving Stu reported he met with the paving consultant earlier in the day, and the estimated cost to pave Marlboro Beach Road , Maxwell Avenue and Lorimer Road was $82,500, which was more than he had put into the budget. He said the revised figure would be put into the budget for the committee meeting on Monday.

Next Meetings The Budget Committee meets on Monday, the next regular Selectmen's meeting is on February 8 th when the town meeting warrant would be signed and the town report finalized.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst.