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Lamoine Board of Selectmen Minutes

February 22, 2007

Chair Jo Cooper called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

Present were: Selectmen Perry Fowler, Richard Fennelly Jr., Brett Jones, S. Josephine Cooper , Cynthia Donaldson; Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon, Sam, Marjorie & Ted Nankervis, Wanda Jordan, Gordon Smith, Michael Jordan (Deputy CEO), Brian Corrigan , Chris Tadema-Wielandt (Appeals Board Chair), Faith Perkins (School Committee Chair, Kathy DeFusco (Asst. Town Clerk), and Franco Colella

Agenda Review Stu noted two items were on an addendum. There were no changes to the agenda order

Minutes Jo moved to approve the minutes of February 8, 2007 with some minor changes. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0 (Fowler abstained).

Snowplowing Bids Stu noted only one bid was received by the deadline set for this evening. Jo opened the bid from Nankervis trucking and read it aloud. The bid was without a performance bond and would require the town to provide a storage area for salt/sand. The 3-year total of the bid was $255,000.

Perry clarified the terms of the bid that no performance bond is required and no salt/sand storage on the part of the bidder is required, but the town would provide the storage facility. Jo asked if Nankervis was not going to have a storage place any longer. Wanda Jordan said there were too many problems with the present storage area, and the neighbors have complained. Ted Nankervis said the building is not big enough.

Richard asked if there were any other bids. Stu said no, and he mailed out packages to several contractors. Brett asked if the land was an issue for Nankervis. Mr. Nankervis said there was a lot to it, and there are issues with the DEP.

Brett asked if the area next to the transfer station entrance would be suitable for a facility. Jo said that had been talked about. Selectmen and Nankervis clarified they would purchase the salt and sand; the town would provide storage only. There was a discussion about using tarps or a spray material for covering the pile.

Sam Nankervis said it would be best to remove the present pile and to clean it up. Richard said the town has some time. Perry said only until next fall, only about six months. Brett said that's not much time.

Stu noted the previous discussion about a salt/sand shed was whether there would be a payback from having such a shed, and now we have no one to plow the roads without a building. Richard said the issues are different next to the transfer station. Stu noted the previous pile had contaminated wells in the area until about 1993 when the town bought filters for two neighboring properties.

Perry said if the Board accepts the bid, it obligates the town to build a storage facility. Richard said there are no other proposals to plow the roads, and the Board needs to research where a facility should be located. Jo asked if the Board could get numbers on a building, should the matter be put out to bid again. Perry said it was already put out to bid, and only one bid was received.

Richard said he'd like to know if the town could have an open site if it were located next to the salt water. He mentioned an area where the MacQuinn Company has a pit on Douglas Highway near the Jordan River . Michael Jordan said the salt could not be stockpiled that close to the shore. A short discussion followed on potential sites.

Perry moved to accept the bid. Richard 2nd .

Cynthia said she assumed from the way the bid was presented we would get across the board bids to think about. Richard asked if there would have been any bids had the contractor been required to provide storage. Brett asked if the Board approves the contract, but the town doesn't approve funding a facility, what kind of bind that would leave the town in.

Richard asked if Nankervis would accept a facility if it were only a covered pile, or would it require a building. Ted Nankervis said they would prefer a building. A short discussion followed on who's liable for covering a storage pile. Richard said he believed it would be the town's liability. He said if the contract implies the town would be obligated construct a building, he wouldn't be so quick to rush into it. He said it's another matter to find a place to get permitted for an open pile. Ted Nankervis said it's got to be covered.

Cynthia asked if the storage has to be in Lamoine. Ted Nankervis said pretty much. He said they need 2,500 yards of capacity. Jo asked how much their present facility holds. Mr. Nankervis said 200-yards. A short discussion on how that facility is working followed. A discussion followed regarding the covering configuration.

Brett asked if Nankervis was willing to work with the town. Ted Nankervis said yes, but they need a storage facility. He said they would not do a tarp it won't work. Perry said the town needs to work with the DEP.

Jo said she favored accepting the bid. She said it's known that a facility was needed in the future, the cost is less than the current year, Nankervis is a known entity, and the town would have to build a facility anyway. Richard said the problem is whether the town could get a building up this year. A short discussion followed on other towns' buildings.

Vote in favor was 5-0.

Selectmen said the next step is to contact Erik Kluch of the DEP in regarding sites and permitting options. Perry agreed to keep assisting the town on a facility even after his term as a Selectman expires on March 8 th .

Deputy Harbor Master - Jo asked Brian Corrigan if he is still interested in the Deputy Harbor Master position. Mr. Corrigan said he was, but he's unable to attend the training session in March, though he is able to go on Saturday. Jo said the idea was to try this arrangement with David Herrick and Mr. Corrigan out until June on sort of an interim basis. She said she was grateful Mr. Corrigan was interested.

Perry moved to appoint Mr. Corrigan as the Deputy Harbor Master until June 30, 2007. Brett 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0. (Appointment paper will be signed later).

Parks Commission Stu reported that Bonnie Moretto was unable to commit to serving as a full member, but Julie Herrick offered to. Perry moved to appoint Mrs. Herrick as a full Parks Commission member. Jo 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0. Stu said he would advertise for an alternate member, and one person who indicated an interest is still interested.

Building Security Stu reported that the town attorney advised that service had been made on an individual the Board agreed should have extremely limited access to the town office. Jo said she was concerned that office staff can't see who's coming in the door, and would like to look at ways to make it a little safer. A discussion followed on several options. Selectmen agreed a buzzer or a bell to indicate when someone is coming in the front door would be beneficial. A short discussion followed on potential office setups followed. Kathy asked about putting on a monitor in the office to the Cable TV camera. Selectmen felt a higher deadbolt in the door would be a priority. An intercom system was also discussed, and Brett said he would explore a small modern phone system. Stu said he and Kathy would work on possible modifications to the office.

MMA Loss Control Report Stu said he went over the loss control inspection report with the fire chief and the issues brought up would be addressed.

Portable Classroom lease Stu reported the school department is not opposed to reworking the lease so it expires in August 2007.

Town Meeting Preview Stu noted the open town meeting is two weeks from last night. He predicted the ordinance issues would take most of the time. Richard asked if there was any statement of purpose for the two ordinances that are proposed to change. Stu said the Planning Board prepared one for the Shoreland Zoning, and he would be glad to prepare one for the Harbor Ordinance. Brett noted the Planning Board in the past has made a presentation on proposed changes. Richard said he's heard some grumbling about the Shoreland Ordinance. Cynthia said she'd like similar information availability for the Harbor Ordinance. Stu said he'd be glad to act as the point person. Selectmen asked to have a fee comparison table printed out.

Jo said she expects there will be a lot of issues concerning the school budget.

Education Forum Planning Jo said discussion has just begun on planning a forum on school consolidation, but nothing has been organized yet. She said a meeting planned for this week was postponed until next week. She said timing is part of the issue, and possibly something might be scheduled in Mid-March. She said the meeting would discuss what's coming from Augusta and what might be helpful. Stu clarified the meeting simply to plan a meeting, if there is going to be such a meeting.

Jo said there is a lot of interest in school issues, but she wasn't sure yet if there was anything to talk about. Brett said it might be counterproductive if we don't know what moves the state is going to make. Cynthia said there are two issues the personal matter of the local school and the statewide administrative consolidation issue. She said forums in other locations have focused on the big plan. Richard said he'd like to get input from Lamoine and the effect of the Governor's plan.

School Board Chair Faith Perkins said if there is a forum, it should be for all of Union 92, and possibly beyond. She said legislators should attend, and it should be more than a Lamoine forum. Jo asked about the timing of the Governor's plan. Faith said she was thinking about the educational service unit area, and whether towns would be part of a larger unit. Cynthia said there are lots of plans, and that would prompt a good discussion. Richard said he was pessimistic about the Governor's plan because the budget was built to reflect his plan. A discussion followed on the politics of the plans.

Town Report Artists Selectmen signed letters thanking the various young artists whose work was printed with the town report. Stu said certificates for the Boys Basketball team, the Soccer team, and the Cheering team were not ready because school was closed this week.

Expenditure Warrant 16 Selectmen signed warrant 16 for $60,524.07

Cash & Budget Report Stu reported excise tax collections continue to be slow.

Quitclaim Deed Selectmen signed a quitclaim deed to Jayne Kimball. Stu noted he's awaiting the Real Estate Transfer Tax Form from Ms. Kimball.

Other Education Budget Franco Colella asked about the EPS funding model referred to in article 23 of the town meeting warrant. A discussion about the article followed about EPS, and the LD-1 override mechanisms.

Mr. Colella asked what happens if the General Purpose Aid to Education amount is different. Stu said one article allows the Assessors to lower the tax commitment if the state aid figure is higher than the town meeting vote. If the amount is less, then a special town meeting would be needed.

Resignation of Animal Control Officer Jo moved to accept the resignation of John Karst as Deputy ACO with regret. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0. Selectmen agreed with Stu that they would like to meet with Harry Lounder in the near future to discuss ACO matters.

County Ambulance Contract Stu reported that County Ambulance has sent a contract proposing no increase for the next two years. He said there is no rush to renew, and Mr. Partridge would likely meet with the board if they so desire.

Next Meetings Jo noted the next meeting, March 8th , is organizational in nature and to take care of routine matters. The meeting following that would be March 22nd .

Other Veterans' Memorial Committee Jo noted that she's drafted a report for the Veterans' Memorial Committee that would be handed out at town meeting.

Education Rumors Perry asked if the town was involved with the Ellsworth School Department in a proposal to send all the Lamoine kids to school in Ellsworth when their new building is constructed. Jo said no, the town had not been invited to the planning process. Perry asked if there has been any movement to close the Lamoine School . Jo, Richard and Stu said they were not aware of any. A brief discussion followed on that.

A brief discussion followed on the politics of a salt/sand facility.

Jo said she would like to see a resolve thanking Perry for his service to the town as a Selectman. Stu said there would be one for the next meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst.