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Lamoine Board of Selectmen Minutes

March 8, 2007

Deputy Town Clerk Stuart Marckoon called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM

Present were: Selectmen Richard Fennelly, Jr., Chris Tadema-Wielandt , Brett Jones, Cynthia Donaldson, S. Josephine Cooper , Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon, Deputy CEO Michael Jordan, School Committee Chair Faith Perkins

Selection of Chair 2007/08 Season Stu opened the meeting to nominations for Chair of the Board. Richard nominated Jo. Brett 2 nd . There were no other nominations. Vote in favor was 4-0 (Cooper abstained)

Newly re-elected chair Cooper took over running the meeting.

Agenda Review - Jo said she would like to lump the Long Range Planning Committee's request with the Board goals. There was no objection.

Minutes of February 22, 2007 Richard said he had a few minor items. Jo moved to approve the minutes with the changes. Brett 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0 (Tadema-Wielandt abstained).

Cynthia asked about the fee schedule in the Harbor Ordinance. Stu said it was on the power point presentation, and the print-out is in the packet.

Rules of Procedure Richard said he didn't see any changes that are needed. Selectmen asked Stu to re-draft the rules with the current Selectman names for the next meeting.

Salt/Sand Shed Jo thanked Stu for the packet of information with pictures. The board discussed the Eastbrook shed. Stu reported that he spoke with Erich Kluck of the Maine DEP who advised that he would like a list of questions from the Selectmen to be delivered via e-mail, and he would be glad to help out.

Selectmen said they would like information from the Maine DOT website as well. A short discussion followed about the capacity needed. Several Selectmen suggested that perhaps 1,500 yards which would require only two mixings during the year would be adequate for the contractor. Stu said he talked with the contractor, and they've used about 2,500 yards this winter, and about 3,000 yards last winter. There was a short discussion about fabric buildings. Stu said Mr. Kluck warned against them because they're susceptible to vandals and seagulls. A short discussion followed on the need for engineering.

The Selectmen said they would like to ask Mr. Kluck about the following matters:

•  What the minimum project is that requires engineering

•  What about site location

•  What type of flooring is needed

•  How tall do the concrete sides need to be

•  Should asphalt or concrete be used for the floor

•  How long does construction typically take?

Selectmen asked about what Ellsworth uses. Stu said he believes they have an open pile at their public works garage, but he would check.

Selectmen said they would like to have a timeline made of where we want to be. Stu said he would draft one for the next meeting.

Road Posting Jo moved to approve an order to allow the road commissioner to post the roads. Brett 2nd . Chris asked about Seal Point Road . Stu said the state posts Route 204, so that isolates Seal Point. Vote in favor of the order was 5-0.

Brett noted there are some uprooted trees on Route 204 by Seal Point Road that should get some attention. He asked Stu to contact the Maine DOT.

Education Meeting Jo said that probably should become a school board agenda item. Faith Perkins said the state legislature should have a consolidation plan by next week. Cynthia noted the Governor planned to have a radio address on school consolidation this weekend.

Mrs. Perkins said if people are interested, she and the new superintendent are thinking of ideas. She said she's not sure of the next steps.

Stu noted the school committee has voted to move their meetings to the town hall so they can be televised on the Cable TV station. Chris said he feared that airing on TV discourages public participation in meetings. A short discussion followed on the pros and cons of airing school board meetings on TV. Mrs. Perkins said she thinks it's important for the meetings to be televised. A short discussion followed on slips of the tongue that could reveal confidential information, and executive sessions.

Recycling Report Cynthia asked why the 2003 figure had such a spike. Stu explained that a wood harvesting project that could be counted as recycling because of biomass was included that year.

Speed Display Brett said he would like to have one of these in town, given that the Maine DOT has denied Lamoine in the lottery system. Stu said he could raise joint purchase or lease discussions with the MDI League of Towns. A short discussion on patrolling for speeding vehicles followed.

Private Investigator Stu reported that someone has hired a private investigator to review the robbery at the town office in 1996. He said the investigator met with him and asked several questions. He said the investigators inquired as to whether he would be willing to take a polygraph test. Stu said his reply was that he would if the Selectmen felt he should, but he didn't know much about them and wasn't sure that if would be an effective use of the town's time.

Jo said this smells like a witch hunt to be looking into something over 10-years old. She said if the Sheriff's Department was concerned, she would say OK to the polygraph, but she can't understand the motivation behind the investigation. Chris said it seems like a waste of Stu's and the town's time.

Warrant 17 Selectmen signed expenditure warrant 17 for $156,980.38. Stu noted he moved $120,000 from the investment management account to cover the check. There was a question about salt deliveries. Stu said they are deducted from the Nankervis check.

Cash & Budget Report There were no questions about the written report.

Checking Account Review Selectmen signed the review paper expressing satisfaction with the checking account.

Quitclaim Deed Stu reported he's not been able to get in touch with the party to whom the Selectmen are selling back tax foreclosed property. He said he needed her signature on the transfer tax form. Chris said Stu has tacit authorization to act as her agent by virtue of the check paying for the land.

Ordinances Approved Selectmen signed the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance and the Harbor Ordinance approved the previous night by voters at the annual town meeting. It was noted the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance needs DEP approval.

Town Meeting Recap Cynthia said she thought town meeting was terrific and the beginning was very good with Jo honoring the people serving overseas and the municipal officers stepping down from their respective elected positions.

Cynthia suggested that the school committee sit at the front table during the budget process next year. She said not all of the articles explain very well what they are all about. She said a one-minute summary could help that next year. Brett said that might make some of the things go smoother.

Cynthia noted the school budget is different. Mrs. Perkins said the schools are now reporting to the state in a whole new way, so schools all have the same format.

Brett said there is some unfinished business with the Gott pit. He said the town either has to enforce using the existing right of way or have Gott prepare something to take to town meeting. He said the other option is to do nothing. He said it was ironic that the town meeting didn't trust the Board to negotiate with Gott, but agreed to negotiate a right-of-way to Bloomfield Park . Stu asked how the board wished to proceed. Brett suggested that Steve Salsbury draw up a plan to present to the Selectmen first. Richard said the plan should show where the right-of-way exists now and where the trucks would go if Gott could not use the alternative. A short discussion followed on the length of use.

Chris said he didn't think doing nothing would be in the best interest of the town. Cynthia said using an entrance on the Mill Road is an option. Michael Jordan said he believes the Gotts have a 5-to-10 year plan for using existing roads and then would make a new entrance by their building on Lamoine Beach Road .

Stu said he understands that the direction is for Mr. Salsbury to draw up a proposed right of way, show the present right of way, and the potential use. Richard said there may be some public confusion over the intent of the article that went before town meeting.

Chris said he enjoyed the town meeting. Jo said it was a positive atmosphere. Brett said he was surprised there was no debate on the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance.

Goals Long Range Planning Committee Brett said the committee wanted to know the cost of updating the comprehensive plan. He said he wasn't sure which board should explore that. Jo said the comprehensive planning process is created by the state. She said the plan is a tool, and the Planning Board has talked about it. She said to formally adopt and update the plan can be costly. Brett said if it is updated, it needs to go to the state for approval. He said the present plan might not get accepted today. He said a comprehensive plan is required for some grants and programs. He asked how much planning can be done around the comprehensive plan.

Jo said it seems like the Planning Board should be part of the conversation. A short discussion followed. Jo said her gut feeling is that a comprehensive planning committee might need to be formed. Brett said the original comprehensive planning process was very long. He said the question from the long range committee was what the Selectmen felt should be explored on the cost and process on a comprehensive plan. He said the long-range committee has lost its steam. Jo said it appears to have lived out its life, and it may be time to disband. Brett said the Planning Board has a huge part in planning in the town. He said the work changes year to year. A short discussion of the role of the Planning Board followed. Stu suggested forming a comprehensive planning committee from existing boards.

Budgeting Brett said he would like to see capital projections from each group on non-operating needs for the coming year(s). Jo said she would like to sit down together with the various committees and talk about the process and what tools are needed to work better. She said she was frustrated by the budget process. She said timing was a problem on the school project. She said she would like to review with the Budget Committee what the expectations are. She said the budget committee sometimes disintegrates into an opinion fest, and the role of the committee seems to be lost at times. A short discussion followed about the budget and longer range needs and goals. She said there doesn't seem to be a follow up time following each organization/department meeting with the Budget Committee. She said she'd like to review the process before budget time. A short discussion followed on the number of people on the committee. Richard said he liked the idea of the Budget Committee looking at the big picture. He said the common denominator for the various sections of the town budget is the Budget Committee. Cynthia said she has never understood their roles with regard to the budget. A short discussion followed on the budget process. She said the capital needs list ought to be refreshed each year, with the needs stated.

Mr. Jordan asked if the differences in recommendations show up in the town meeting warrant consistently. A short discussion followed on the land conservation articles.

Other Goals The Selectmen identified the following goals for the coming season:

•  Building a Salt-Sand Shed

•  Hosting another Thank-you night for volunteers

•  Employee reviews & the contract process starting earlier

•  Renovating the town office to make it a safer environment

•  Conversations with different boards/departments one per meeting

Other Chris asked about his membership on the Board of Appeals. Stu read from the municipal officers' manual that a municipal officer cannot serve. He said his resignation would be forthcoming. Stu suggested contacting Jim Crotteau to replace Chris as Mr. Crotteau is also an attorney.

Meeting Schedule Cynthia said she was not available for the April 19th meeting. Jo said she's not available for May 17th .

Executive Session Cynthia moved to enter executive session pursuant to 1MRSA §405 (6)(a) to discuss a personnel matter. Jo 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0 at 9:10 PM. Out at 9:23 PM

Following the executive session, the Selectmen asked Stu to develop a policy in regard to volunteer firefighters leaving their regular employment with the town to respond to emergency calls.

Selectmen signed the appointment papers for Brian Corrigan as Deputy Harbor Master.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:25 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst.