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Lamoine Selectmen Minutes

April 19, 2007

Chair Jo Cooper called the meeting to order at 7:01 PM

Present were: Selectmen S. Josephine Cooper, Richard Fennelly Jr., Chris Tadema-Wielandt; Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon, Asst. Town Clerk Kathleen DeFusco, Perry Fowler, Jim Kiser, Town Clerk Jennifer Kovacs, Code Enforcement Officer/Road Commissioner Dennis Ford, and CTV tech Wendy Baker. (Selectmen Donaldson and Jones had notified the board they would be unable to attend prior to the meeting).

Agenda Review – Four items were placed on an addendum. No changes were made to the agenda.

Minutes – Richard had two minor changes to the minutes of April 5, 2007. Jo moved to approve with the changes. Chris 2 nd . Vote in favor was 3-0.

Neither Chris nor Jo noted any errors in the minutes of April 9, 2007. A formal vote will be taken at the next meeting to approve as a majority of the board present at that meeting was not present at this meeting.

Meeting with Engineer re: Salt/Sand Shed – Jim Kiser said he likes to work in an interactive manner and invited the Selectmen to call him any time. Jo asked if he had a chance to look at the proposed site. Mr. Kiser said he did. He said it's a fairly straightforward project, though the level ground is a slight drawback due to the pressure of the salt/sand on the walls. He said there will have to be some site work to accommodate the shed. He explained that the floor doesn't hold the concrete walls like a home with joists, and that heavier rebar is used in the walls.

Richard asked if the floors are made of concrete. Mr. Kiser said no, they have to coat the concrete walls to protect them from corrosion. He said the floors are typically made of asphalt. He asked what would be used to load and unload trucks. He said a crawler Bobcat type of machine works well. Perry Fowler asked if Mr. Kiser had seen the sketch he did up. Mr. Kiser said he had. Mr. Fowler said a 2 yard loader would work. A short discussion followed on restocking material.

Jo said the present plowing contract runs 3-years. She said having a facility might attract more bidders. Mr. Kiser said for a contractor to keep buying sand to put up during plow season is difficult. Chris asked if a larger facility is more beneficial. Mr. Kiser said it could be, but he would not recommend over-sizing it. Mr. Fowler noted the town does not buy the salt and sand, the contractor does. Mr. Kiser said if the town owns a facility it might wish to look into buying the material. Richard noted that a smaller facility should be a lower construction cost. He asked if the comparison was linear. Mr. Kiser said it was not. He said there is a better economy of scale, to a point, with a larger building.

Chris asked if a facility had been recessed into the ground for natural support. A short discussion followed. Mr. Kiser said this was one of the better sites he's had to work with. Jo said the location is over the aquifer, and a variance from the state is necessary. She said the town does not want any leaching. Mr. Kiser said with a shed, everything will be much smoother and cleaner. Jo asked about the time frame on a state variance. Mr. Kiser said it shouldn't be a major problem; it's not a significant hurdle. He said most departments within the state are backed up on some projects, but he doesn't see this as a major issue. Jo said this needs to be done this season. Mr. Kiser said it's a simple building and not that large. He said timing won't be much of a problem. He said there is a lot of construction going on in this region, so finding a contractor may prove to be an issue. Chris asked what the typical time period is with the state approval process. Mr. Kiser said a couple of months. A short explanation of the state process followed. Jo asked about local permits. Mr. Kiser said he would do those concurrently, but would get things into the state prior to the local planning board.

Mr. Kiser noted that Mr. Fowler had sketched a building type. Richard said the sketch looked functional. He said it looks easy to maintain and asked if the cost is a lower cost. Mr. Kiser said such a building is typically on the lower side. He said it's more wood than some traditional buildings, and prices are up and down, as they are with steel buildings. A short discussion followed on maintenance needs and construction techniques. Mr. Kiser said the concrete needs to be watched and most of the material should be out of the building prior to summer. Richard asked about siding. Mr. Kiser said vinyl or T-111 works, and suggested a similar color to the transfer station. Discussion followed on doors, the ceiling height and the different types of buildings available.

Chris asked about the life of a building similar to Mr. Fowler's sketch. Mr. Kiser said 30-to-50 years by design, and it could be a lot longer if well maintained. Jo asked how often the concrete coating should be reapplied. Mr. Fowler said every 3-to-5 years. Mr. Kiser said that depends on the skill of the operator. There was a short discussion about types of concrete and rebar.

Mr. Kiser asked how much volume the town wanted. Stu said the contractor asked for 2,500 yards for a typical year. There was a discussion about what was really needed, and Mr. Kiser said he would play with the numbers and the design. He noted it is not easy to add on to such a facility. Richard asked if the town built a 2,500 cubic yard shed would the contractor fill only half. He said if the contractor is using only 1,500 yards, it wouldn't hurt to tell the town it's using 2,500 yards. Mr. Fowler said that's a fair question to ask the contractor.

Chris asked if there is a point where it's too small a facility in which to work. Mr. Kiser said that with the typical shed, loading begins outside at the start of the season and then transitions inside as the winter wears on. Chris asked about the benefit of having a half full shed. Mr. Fowler said at some point during the season it will be half full. Mr. Kiser said you don't want a lot of material stored in the summer because of the humidity. There was a short discussion on how much material was used or needed. Mr. Fowler said if he were the contractor he wouldn't put in the full 2,500 yards at the beginning of the season because he could get sand all winter. He said if he did, he'd ask for half the contract up front. He said he'd put in only 1,000 yards so the truck and loader could go inside. He said the DEP may require that inside loading take place. Mr. Kiser said loading outdoors is a house-keeping issue. Mr. Fowler said he would not undersize the building. He said he thought 2,000 yards would be big enough. Richard said that worked for him. There was a shot discussion about plowing contracts, and it was agreed to call Nankervis Trucking to ask how much they planned to put in the shed.

Chris asked about having a front and back door. Mr. Kiser answered that a 2 nd door would waste volume and add door costs. He said he's never designed a two-door shed. Chris asked about ventilation. Mr. Kiser said the building would have a power vent that came on when the lights are turned on.

Mr. Kiser asked the Selectmen about their bid preference – a full public bid, or a select group of bidders. He said he prefers an invitation to bid as long as competitive bids come in. He said it's a simpler format and he prefers it to a general bid. The Selectmen agreed that would be OK.

Mr. Kiser asked who the Selectmen wish to have bid on the project. It was agreed that a general contractor would work best. There was a discussion about the timing of the contract and oversight activity. Stu said the best estimate on a cost will need to come soon in order to go to town meeting.

Mr. Kiser said he would put his contract together, which is a simple document. He said he'll tighten up the numbers a bit more. A short discussion followed on construction oversight and the site plan.

Meeting with Road Commissioner – this item was postponed until later in the agenda until Road Commissioner Ford's arrival.

Town Hall Roof Specifications – Stu reported he drafted up the bid specs based on the fire department specifications. Chris suggested adding language that would allow for equivalent materials, and a short discussion followed to clarify the language to be added. Chris moved to change the specification as discussed and to send the package out to bid. Richard 2 nd . Vote in favor was 3-0.

Lamoine Quarterly Review – Richard said this was his issue. He said a resident called him concerned about the tone of the articles in the latest issue, using the word “bias”. Richard said he told the caller it's the Selectmen's responsibility to review the quarterly. Jo said the board does that. Richard said the Selectmen are careful to try to not carry a perceived bias. He said the person who called reported several people were concerned and suggested an independent volunteer committee to review the quarterly before it goes to print. Richard said he asked the caller if it was their intent was to supply people to provide that service. He said the person who called was not able to attend and asked to postpone the matter to the next meeting.

Jo said they're welcome to meet with the Board. She said people forget how spoiled Lamoine is and the town is fortunate to have the communications it does have. She asked whether there was nothing to discuss unless they are here. Richard said that is correct. Chris said people do not need an invitation to attend. He said that's one of his complaints about cable TV. Richard asked that it be on the next agenda.

Town Office Reconfiguration – Stu reported he had done up a draft of a possible way to reconfigure the town office to give more security and a better operation. He said the staff was supportive of the concept. Richard said the layout looks good. Chris asked how to involve someone to turn it into more than a concept. There was a brief discussion. It was suggested maybe the Boggy Brook school might be a resource to look at. Stu said he would also seek advice from Richard Willard at EBS. Jo said the proposed Veterans' Memorial needs some design work as well. Kathy DeFusco asked that a deadbolt be sought for the front door. Stu said he's had trouble getting a locksmith to respond.

Roads – Dennis Ford asked how much the Selectmen want to do on the road – whether just a patch or a major project. Jo asked if it could be on a road by road planning basis. Dennis said a person with a grader could do some good stop-gap work in getting the shoulders up to snuff, and then work on the long-range needs on a road by road basis.

Richard asked if the list was the whole list of what was needed. Mr. Ford said it was the worst of the roads. He asked where the town would get funding. He said if this were on the town meeting agenda for June, the town would be near the end of the budget year at that point. Jo said there are some public safety issues to take care of and fund retroactively. She asked what on the list was urgent to take care of. A short discussion on the list presented by Mr. Ford followed.

Jo said the town needs to communicate to MDOT about the conditions on Partridge Cove Road between Raccoon Cove Road and Seal Point Road , and the condition of Mud Creek Road .

Jo asked if the town just needs to go ahead and fill the roads. Mr. Ford said the list was the bare minimum needed. Jo said the question is whether it has to be done before July 1 st . Mr. Ford said the question is whether to combine the needed repairs with longer term projects. Jo said the urgent repairs should be lined up, and the sooner the better.

Chris asked if sweeping was necessary for public safety. Mr. Ford said the intersections are, but the sides could be put off. Richard said the vast majority of the list are safety concerns, and one could argue that sweeping is not, but a certain amount is. He said he's inclined to do what's on the list. Mr. Ford said the state has been doing the sweeping on the intersection of the town roads. Jo said she'd like to go ahead and do the list. Mr. Ford asked if the board wanted to do the shoulders without doing the ditches. Jo said the ditches would have to wait for the fiscal year. She said she would like to proceed to get the listed work done. Richard moved to effect emergency repairs as itemized by the Road Commissioner. Chris 2 nd . Vote in favor was 3-0.

School Matters – Stu reported the School Committee is meeting next Tuesday at 5:30 PM at the Town Hall. He said the bond counsel called yesterday to ask some questions, but he thinks that's just finalizing the bond approved in January. Jo said one of the questions for the school committee was whether funding for one project could be taken and applied to another part of the project.

Special Town Meeting Date – Stu said there is a statewide referendum on June 12 th . Jo said the special town meeting should be an open meeting. June 19 th was set as the date by the Selectmen. Included on the warrant will be funding for the salt/sand shed, any school matters that need action, additional appropriations for the fiscal year for roads, and incorporating the DEP's order on the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance into the ordinance.

Warrant 20 – Selectmen signed expenditure warrant # 20 for $52,912.97.

Checking Account Reconciliation – Selectmen present signed the statement expressing satisfaction with the checking account reconciliation.

Meeting Schedule – Selectmen reviewed the proposed meeting schedule prepared by Stu. They commented that the proposed May 31 st agenda looked a bit ambitious. It was clarified that the School Committee and Budget Committee would be present in reference to the Special Town Meeting. Jo said she would like to review the budget process with the Budget Committee in early September.

Other – Bloomfield Park – Stu said the Parks Commission will meet May 1 st at Bloomfield Park at 8:30 AM to review the proposed road change. He said he would e-mail a reminder to the Selectmen before the session.

Thank-You Letter – Cole Foundation – Selectmen signed a letter thanking the Galen Cole Foundation for the donation of an additional 24 flags to the flag program.

Transfer Station Repairs – Richard said the estimate from Richard King seemed a little steep. He said the repair should be done. Jo moved to accept the proposal. Richard 2 nd . Vote in favor was 3-0.

Executive Session – Jo moved to enter executive session pursuant to 1MRSA §405 (6)(a) for the purpose of a job performance annual review with the Town Clerk/Tax Collector. Chris 2 nd . Vote in favor 3-0 at 9:20 PM Out at 9:45 PM

There being no further business beyond the executive session, the meeting adjourned at 9:46 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst.